3 Simple Tips for a First-Time Vaper

Are you thinking of vaping for the first time? If so, you’ll probably see so much information out on the Internet that you might get too confused about where to start.

For first-time vapers, you need to keep it simple to guarantee your success. This is especially important if you’ve decided to use vaping to quit smoking. You don’t want to get so frustrated that you ditch vaping and go back to smoking.

If you’ve been smoking for any length of time, you want your device to be easy to operate and more convenient than lighting up a cigarette. You also want it to provide the right throat hit and flavor so you enjoy vaping and have no desire to light up another cigarette.

Here are three simple tips for a first-time vaper to get you started on way to vaping success.

1. Finding the Right Vape Device for You

There are hundreds of different vape devices on the market today. First-time vapers may find that an electronic cigarette, or e-cig, that almost looks and feels like a cigarette is an easy choice to get started. Some of these are disposable so they can’t be recharged. You simply use them until they discharge, throw them away and open a new one.

Using disposable e-cigs may work until you get used to vaping instead of smoking, however, you may want to upgrade to save money and to experiment with different flavors.

The next step up is rechargeable e-cigs. Although you can recharge the batteries on these vaping devices, the e-liquid can’t be refilled. You must replace the entire cartridge, which may start adding to your cost of vaping, even though it’s still cheaper than smoking considering the price of cigarettes.

More advanced devices provide refillable tanks and batteries that last longer. These vape devices will let you experiment with flavors and more than likely give you more satisfaction than the smaller e-cigs.

2. Throat Hit and Nicotine Levels

The second tip for first-time vapers is to get that necessary throat hit and nicotine level to keep you away from cigarettes.

Smokers trying to quit won’t like a vape device that feels like you’re sucking air or trying to smoke a straw. That’s one of the physical aspects of smoking that you want to mimic with an e-cig or vape device. If you don’t experience that throat hit, you may light up another cigarette to get that feeling.

The nicotine level is also important. Long time smokers are more likely to be addicted to the nicotine, so you need your e-liquid to provide that “fix.” Most e-liquids or ejuices start as high as 24mg of nicotine, which is a good starting point for a new vaper. You can start decreasing that amount slowly as you continue to vape.

3. Finding the Right Flavor

With the thousands of flavors on the market today, a first-time vaper can be overwhelmed. Unfortunately, today though, some states are limiting, if not completely banning, flavored e-juices, so you may only be able to find tobacco and menthol flavors.

However, if you’re vaping to quit smoking, you may only need the right blend of tobacco and/or menthol e-juice in your vape to keep you satisfied, especially if it has the right level of nicotine in it.

To sum it up, first-time vapers will be the most successful and enjoy vaping more when applying these three main tips – the right vape device, the right throat hit and nicotine level, and the best tasting flavor e-juices.

Combine the three, and you’re on way to being a long-time happy vaper.

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