3 Smart Benefits to Using External Catheters

External catheters also are known as condom catheters are innovative designs of the urinary devices which help in the drainage of urine from the bodies of the people who can’t get to the lavatory in time or suffer from the incontinence problem. They have form-fitting cups that are comfortable and safe making them outstanding from the indwelling catheters.

External catheters are designed specifically for men, despite the fact that the female fashions exist in the market. The device allows for the self-catch of the person by simply fitting over the penis and connecting the tubing to the drainage bag. The trash bag can be easily tied to the leg, bed frame or a wheel chair and effortlessly changed when it is full.

The durability of the external catheters depends on the brand of the manufacturer. Also, the disposal and reusability also are dependent on the manufacturer. The disposable catheters are designed to be thrown away after a single day of use. However, the other reusable types are easily washable and can be in use for a very long time by active men. The following three benefits make external catheters outstanding urinary control devices.

1- Comfort

External catheters offer a great privilege of stability. Being an external device, it comfortably fits over the penis like a condom and doesn’t cause any pain while inserting the tubing into the urethra. It provides quick movement and can be easily in taking off when the usage is complete. The comfort of the device helps the users to experience less UTI than those making use of the internal catheters.

Additionally, it makes one feel comfortable in public without drawing any attention. When the bag is full, a person can comfortably get to a public toilet and empty the device. Also, it makes one confident when wearing since it is not evident when in use. The easy to place cap is attached to the bag which can be under hiding on the wearer’s underpants. It also makes the caregivers comfortable to have rested since, with the device, the task of helping the user to the toilet is under reduction.

2- Ease of Use

External catheters don’t need any professional assistance during the insertion process. The device is easy to use and can easily fit on the penis. It easily fits on the penis without strain. Additionally, they help to reduce the cost of the incontinence supplies due to its ease of usage.

Also, it’s the durability of being in use for 24 hours reduces the hassle of having to change the urine bag. Many people prefer using it due to its simplicity and capability to avoid leakages. External catheters keep the user dry throughout the day and night, unlike the diapers and pads which don’t direct the urine away from the skin.

3- Different Sizes and Infection Risks

Another additional advantage of using the external catheters is that it comes in different sizes, hence available for all the people of all ages. They are available in small and large sizes. It optimizes the comfort and functionalism. It is only the responsibility of the users to select the type that satisfies their needs. The different sizes help in eradicating embarrassment of the leakages from the incontinence.

Due to the efficient quality and fitting sizes that suit the user’s needs, the external catheters lower the risk of infection. Unlike the internal catheters which have frequent infections, the external catheters are safe to use. Further, the soft and comfortable wear reduces the frequent need to ask for help to the toilet which could have led to increase in infections.

Other minor benefits of the use of the catheter device include reduction of irritation in the skin. Since the men’s catheter uses the hydrocolloid which is medical adhesive, it is safe for use and minimizes the irritations in the skin. Additionally, there is no pop offs since the hydrocolloid forms a complete seal which makes the user to be sure that the bag will last for 24 hours.

Having an incontinence problem is not a curse use of external catheters is one ultimate solution. If it is quite difficult to apply, then seeking for assistance from the medical personnel is one factor that should be in consideration. It is an alternative to the traditional way of using the diapers and pads which was an embarrassment in public, especially when there was a leakage. For more information, visit the health websites.

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