3 Types of Awards for an Employee with Distinguished Service

There may be numerous milestone or monumental events in your history that deserve to be recognized in a significant way. Your employees are an instrumental part of your success, and when they go above and beyond the call of duty or work steadily hard for many long years, a simple word of thanks is usually not significant enough. Instead, an award or honor for their distinguished service should be given. This celebrates this person’s achievements, and it also provides others in your company with a goal to aspire to. If you are looking for an appropriate type of award to provide to someone in your company who has achieved great things, these are some wonderful ideas to consider. Keep in mind that they can be given individually, or you can combine them together when appropriate for an even more comprehensive token of appreciation.

1- A Financial Gift

One idea that you can consider is to give the individual a financial bonus as a gift. Your team member understandably is working for your company primarily to earn a living, and he or she likely is working toward specific financial goals. For example, the person may be working hard for your company so that he or she can one day retire comfortably. Therefore, an appropriate gift that is often well-received is a financial or monetary gift. This gift should be reasonably in value based on the significant of the contribution that has been made. It can be rather insulting for the individual to contribute decades of effort and to play an integral role in building a company, for example, only to be awarded with a minute or nominal financial gift of appreciation. You can also provide the individual with company stock or other financial benefits when cash is not ideal.

2- Awards and Plaques

Another great idea is to provide the individual who you wish to honor with a recognition or achievement award. Employee recognition awards may be plaques that have been engraved with a special word of thanks. They can also be certificates made out of high-quality paper that are given in a ceremony. The certificate may even be beautifully framed. An alternative to this is to give the individual an engraved statue, picture frame or other memento that showcases the achievement or contribution in some way. This is usually something that he or she can display in the office at work unless the award is to honor achievements immediately prior to retirement.

3- A Personalized Gift

While these ideas may be well-received, there are times when a more personalized gift is in order. For example, if you wish to honor an employee who has been working 80-hour work weeks in an effort to complete a major project or pull in a huge deal for your company, it may be suitable to give the individual a week of extra vacation time and to pay for airfare and hotel stay in a beautiful location. If you honor a single individual in this way, however, you should ensure that nobody else in your team made a similar or meaningful contribution. Keep in mind that you can breed ill will in the company if you do not recognize the hard work and effort that everyone has made equally. There are other less grandiose ways to personalize a gift. For example, a personalized thank you card with a gift card to a nice restaurant in town is another great gesture that may be well-received. The gift you select should be thoughtfully chosen. For example, choosing a gift card to a steak restaurant for a vegetarian employee may not go over well.

It is important to pay attention to the hard work and extra effort of your employees. There are times when the entire company deserves a reward for exceptional work that has been completed, but there are also times when one or a couple of employees’ accomplishments stand out and need to be recognized and honored in some way. Depending on the nature of the circumstances in your office as well as your budget for the award, consider how each of these ideas may be used individually or together in different ways to achieve the result you desire.

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