4 Clever Ways to Use Antiques in your Home Decor

When you think about decorating with antiques, it doesn’t have to bring to mind images of a stuffy, museum type of atmosphere. Many antiques feature nuances like amazing lines, stunningly original design, and an exceptional sturdiness that isn’t often found in today’s modern, disposable styled furnishings. Antiques were built to last, and they do it well. 

New trends towards a more minimalist look can still be achieved even when using antiques in the mix of your home furnishings. Choosing furniture with simple lines is a good place to start. Re-upholstering cushions with neutral colored fabrics also helps you to create an interesting palate to begin your decorating. Neutral fabrics fashioned in a simple style make a much better choice than upholstering items using a more sophisticated damask type or a highly textured fabric. The goal is to make the rooms of your home feel like a welcoming environment that everyone will want to spend time in.

Four Smart Ways to Feature Antiques in Your Home 

Antiques can blend in seamlessly with almost any home decor style when they’re placed thoughtfully. If you’re thinking of putting an antique chandelier in a dining room for example, choose a table beneath it that fits well and is not overwhelmed by the sheer size of the lighting fixture. Another good tip is to use a blending of objects and decorative pieces that are found in different shops and from assorted places. This can help ensure a more cohesive feel. 

You might want to put a worn and weathered piece near a newer piece for a more lived-in look. The idea is to always make your home a place that exudes comfort and livability. Here are some good ideas for using antiques in your home decor:

– Mix Antiques With Newer Pieces – This type of blending makes any area feel more comfortable than having an area decorated strictly with antiques. The idea is to layer old and new so the effect is effortless

– Re-upholster With Neutral Fabrics – Neutral fabrics on an antique styled chair like a wing chair can create a comfortable ambiance and provide an inviting place to decorate further with pops of color

– Pay Attention to Size – You want to blend pieces that are similar in size or proportioned well so that no single piece overwhelms another

– Feature Floral Patterned Items to Perfectly Blend Feminine with Masculine – Floral patterned items can be found among antiques as well as newer items created by today’s designers. When they’re blended together, they can give new life and an artistic flair to antiques. Floral designed items can be just the thing needed to pull the look of a room together, making antiques look as if they belong in your decor

The idea when fashioning your home decor is always to create a place where everyone will feel comfortable and a space that you’ll love. You don’t want the home to be filled with fussy antiques that people would be afraid to touch. You also don’t want people to feel as if they can’t sit on furniture or use it the way it’s meant to be used. A table that is over 100 years old and looks that old can make people feel more comfortable sitting at your table. They’ll also feel free to put dishes, glassware and utensils on it.

Marrying Modern Elements with Antiques

Creating a truly comfortable home space is accomplished when you’re able to successfully marry the modern elements you love, like minimal styling and neutral colors, with interesting antiques that add personality and flair. Choosing decorative items and furnishings that express your love for classical design and blending them with new items that express artistic leanings is a terrific way to blend old and new.

During your blending of antiques with modern decor, it’s good to keep in mind architectural aspects of your home that you’re hoping to highlight and enhance. This can include touches within your home like built-in shelving, interesting fireplaces and mantels, and molding used in rooms, around doorways and on ceilings. You want to combine pieces that work well with your design and that exude comfort and style.

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