4 Innovative Reasons Every Company Should Use Public Relations

In today’s ultra-competitive business world, it has become important for companies big and small to keep their public image as close to perfect as possible. Whether it’s interacting with customers or company personnel, building a brand, or reacting quickly to the latest news story, using public relations has become a key component of business success. However, with so many new tools at their disposal, companies constantly need to come up with new and innovative ways to use public relations to their advantage. If your company is looking to stay ahead of the competition, here are four innovative reasons why your company should use public relations.

1- Share Press Releases Online

In years past, most companies would write a press release and then send it to newspapers, television stations, and other major media outlets to help spread the word about their latest products or services. However, if companies did this today, they would fall further and further behind the competition. To stay ahead of the competition and take advantage of today’s technology, more and more companies now share their press releases online. In doing so, they are able to get their story to customers and journalists much quicker, helping them to be at the forefront of today’s top stories.

2- Social Campaigns and Videos

When a company wants to launch a social campaign that will get the attention of people around the nation and world, they often use customer success stories in order to build credibility and show their concern for important social issues. By picking out the key details of customer success stories and showcasing how the company is making a difference in people’s lives, emotional chords can be struck in unique and innovative ways. However, rather than just tell the story in written form, more and more companies are creating short video stories that use powerful storytelling and, in some cases, well-known actors and actresses, to tell the story. Or if you want to do something similar on a smaller scale, gather some of your best customers and do a simple on-camera interview, then post the video to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. These public relations techniques, known as infographics, have become much more popular in recent years, since numerous market research studies have indicated that far more people are drawn to images than text. For more information on this aspect of public relations, visit here.

3- Use LinkedIn

Along with showing concern for their customers, today’s top companies also know the importance of having their CEOs active on social media. In doing so, they are able to build a positive public image as well as gain the trust of shareholders. When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn is the social platform executives can use to reach their target audience. Whether it’s sharing company updates, expressing concern for customers, or sharing the company’s stance on an important social issue, using LinkedIn can allow company executives to keep themselves at the forefront within their industry. Additional information about this can be found here.

4- Real-Time Expert Opinions

As today’s business world continues to move at a faster pace than ever, it’s vital that companies use public relations to offer their opinions in real-time. Since industry-related stories break on a daily basis, having the ability to offer real-time expert opinions can make immediate impacts on customers, enabling you to position yourself and your company as the experts on the topic. In being able to offer sound advice and help others understand the complexities of the situation, this aspect of public relations can help a little-known company quickly become viewed as the leading expert within its industry.

As public relations continues to evolve, companies around the world have come to understand just how important it is to build a positive brand, position themselves as experts, and show they understand how their customers feel about today’s most important social issues. By choosing to use these and other innovative methods of public relations, companies can not only ensure the public hears a great story, but that it’s one that will tug at their hearts and minds. In doing so, customers and many others will have even greater respect for the company.

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