4 Tips for Planning Your Luxury Wedding

After the excitement of getting engaged, the next step that a couple will probably take is to set up a system before starting to plan for their luxury wedding. A change can arise when you are halfway through your wedding plans and make it necessary to reorganize everything. The last thing a couple wants is to rush in the last minutes. Planning for a wedding can be overwhelming, but professional planners who have made it in their previous projects can help make your marriage successful. A lot of details go into making a wedding luxurious and memorable. Keeping track of your communications, to-do-list, and expenditure will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.


Spreadsheets are useful tips for organizing luxury weddings. Wedding organizers can enter formulas into spreadsheets and calculate their budget automatically. You can also use spreadsheets to keep track of who has RSVPd and your guest list. Google Sheets let couples to share things such as bridal shower ideas. You can use Google Sheets to track your online checklist even after delegating some tasks to a friend or relative.

Create a Wedding Binder

As excellent as online tools and apps are, it is sometimes fashionable to go for old school ways of planning a wedding. Having a copy of your contracts, inspiration, to-do-list, or vendor research not only ensures that nothing slips through the cracks but also make sure that a wedding organizer has a reminder to refer to when planning a luxury wedding. Just imagine flipping through your wedding binder’s pages with your cousins or friends as you plan your special day. Combining everything in a wedding binder will help you know where everything should be. You can access the contract anytime your spouse asks whether any alterations were made in their purchases or not. You won’t have to search around if you forget the color of decorations you selected while attending to other stuff. In short, a wedding binder keeps all your information in a single handy-dandy binder. Download free, fabulous, and functional wedding binders online. Their pretty designs are unmatched, but the content on each wedding binder’s page is what makes them a useful tool for planning a luxury wedding. However, some of the features to look for in a wedding binder are contact sheets, budget trackers, and timelines.

Create a Wedding Calendar

Wedding planners recommend buying a personal calendar or planner that contains anything except events related to luxury weddings. Your calendar or planner will help you track when makeup and hair trials are due, upcoming events, payments, reminders, goals, and set deadline for different tasks. You can use a pen to color the calendar or planner based on vendors. Anyone with a Google Calendar can share it with their bridesmaids and fiancé so that no one forgets an appointment or shows up late.

Create a Wedding Email

An email dedicated to communicating while planning a luxury wedding brings many benefits. For example, a couple won’t have to unsubscribe to their vendor lists, advice columns, and newsletters that they have been receiving even after tying the knot. You can sign out or deactivate those addresses. You will also not have to dig through dozens of updates to find that MC or event organizer that you were emailing. A wedding email also allows a couple to create folders within their email to make it easier to sort through their received email. Create different folders for invoices, helpful blogs, appointments, budget, and contracts. You can separate these folders so that all catering emails are in one place and photography emails are in another. 

According to research, an estimated 2.4 million people hold their weddings every year. However, there is a lot to consider when planning a luxury wedding. Planning a wedding can sometimes be stressful to the extent that a couple isn’t sure of where to begin. Deciding whether you want an outdoor or indoor venue is one of the critical decisions that a couple has to make. Being organized plays a vital role in staying sane when planning a luxury wedding. Planning a luxury wedding may seem like it is a lot of work, but it will pay off in the long run.

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