5 Adventures to take in the Thailand

With pulsating cities, pristine beaches, and delicious food, Thailand is a top tourist attraction destination. Millions of tourists travel to the Asian country for vacation. If you wish to do something extra other than drinking in Thailand, there are numerous adventurous activities you can indulge in.

Before attempting anything, you should be protected. Protection is a necessity, especially when attempting extreme adventurous activities. Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic adventures Thailand has in store.

Deepwater soloing in Railay

This is one of the most popular adventure activities for most tourists. It’s similar to rock climbing on steroids. It’s a form of free rock climbing that entails scaling and bouldering cliffs without harnesses, ropes, chalk, anchor points, and climbing gear.

The only way up is to keep on climbing. The only way to climb down is to leap from the edge. It doesn’t matter whether you are 80 feet or 100 feet from the ground. You leap in the air and plunge inside the water below. It’s an activity that involves you, the rocks, and the sea.

Tonsai and Railay beaches near the Krabi province south of Thailand are the most incredible places you can go for deep water soloing.

Free Diving on Koh Tao

Freediving is one of the adventurous options for exploring coral reefs below the sea. It is a sport where the diver depends on one breath of air and then dives for a couple of minutes. Most people go deep down to 20 or more meters where they discover sea life, shipwrecks, and coral reefs. The most prolonged free dives take 20 minutes using a single breath.

A successful dive requires you to relax and control your breath under the water. In Thailand, freediving is described as underwater meditation.

White water rafting on the Mae Taeng River

This is where you feel the force of water tossing and drenching you in opposite directions. Mae Taeng River is located in the Northeast of Chiang Mai. It’s a home to 2-4 rapids and exotic wildlife, rice-fields, mountains, canyons, orchid valleys, and indigenous hill communities.

Mae Taeng River starts its journey in the canyons and valleys near the Burmese border. It goes on to join the Chao Phraya River and finally pours off into the Gulf of Thailand.

Most tourists enjoy smaller rapids like one or two. If you are adventurous enough, you can proceed and do four or five of them.

Climb an Abandoned Skyscraper in Bangkok

This is referred to as urban climbing. The city of Bangkok is home to a 49 story abandoned skyscraper. The Sathorn Unique structure is also known as the Ghost Tower of Bangkok. The building was abandoned when it was 80% complete. Sathorn was left incomplete after the collapse of the Asian and Thai Baht financial crisis that occurred in 1990.

The structure was left as a reminder of that uncertain period. Inside, you will see broken toilets, unsealed elevator shafts, rusted piping, cut cables, and massive holes on the ground.

The adventure entails you climbing the stairs up to the 49th floor. Additionally, you will not witness any guard rails or windows. Sitting at the edge of the tower, allowing your feet to hang down from the 49th floor, is the real sense of accomplishment.

Off-road road motorbiking through the Northern Thailand Jungle

Northern Thailand is home to one of the largest, thick and dense jungle in the country. It would get boring if you did scooters in Chiang Mai like the rest. However, it would be more thrilling if you got out of town and explored the lesser-seen beauties of Thailand.

The jungle is the deal place where you rent a motorbike and ride exploring the landscapes. Additionally, you will go off riding through forests, rivers, mountain trails, and deep into Thailand’s countryside.

Waterfall Rappelling and Abseiling in Chiang Mai

Rappelling down the limestone cliffs under massive waterfalls inside the Thai jungle is the adventure that will get your adrenaline pumped up.

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