5 Beautiful Ship Accessories For Your Home

There are some ship antique collectors who may wish to have the best-looking ship accessory to mount on the wall of their house. There are also some who may wish to build a ship-themed home to show their love for the sea. Others simply want their living room to have a beautiful collection of ship accessories to make it look entertaining to the guests. There are simply a lot of ideas that you can do whenever you purchase some good-looking ship accessories for your bedroom, living room, kitchen or almost any part of the home that you want to decorate with the product.

But there is one question that remains: what are the most beautiful types of ship accessory that are good for displaying it inside the home? There are actually numerous of these in the market but take note that only 5 are considered as the best. The main reason is that they are often used in homes, or they provide the right appeal to make your room for a nautical theme. Some could even say that these ship accessories are just fit to be present as a very nice decoration to appreciate in the house. To know what those are, check out these cool ship accessories below:

1- Malta Lanterns

These are elegant-looking lanterns that served as antique light sources for many ships over the centuries that have passed. Some ships still use these nowadays, but instead of gas or using candles, LED lights are often used to power up these. You can also have one in your house, and you can place any kind of light source as you wish. You can use the same bright LED light or a dimmer bulb if you want to use it as a light source on your garden. You can also use the classic candle if you just want to use it as a decoration at your outdoor area.

2- Anchors

Anchors are one of the iconic components of a ship that also defines the vehicle itself. This nautical equipment has the ability to stop the ship whenever it’s docked on a port. For sure your guests will take a stop to look at the anchor that you placed in your home if you manage to buy one. If you have a ship-themed decor for your living room or bedroom, the anchor should never go missing as it’s one of the most essential parts of the ship, as well as any nautical accessory as well. If you manage to purchase a real antique anchor, then consider that as a huge luxury. Otherwise, you can just go for wall arts, imitation anchors for decorative purposes, or any anchor-themed item such as a taper holder.

3- Steering Wheel

The steering wheel of the ship is another iconic component of the ship. It helps the ship navigate to different parts of the sea. If the steering wheel is present at your home, people will feel like they are on aboard your own home as you take them towards utmost hospitality. The steering wheel also serves as one of the most beautiful nautical accessories that you should never miss as an addition not just with the anchor, but with every type of ship accessory that you wish to install in your home. The steering wheel can be a luxury if you manage to purchase an antique or if it is made of the best wooden materials while glazed to perfection. Metallic steering wheels also add as a fine addition, or perhaps a wooden wheel with metal plating as its decoration.

The ideas for designing the steering wheel for decorative purposes are endless, depending on how literally big your budget is for customizing this very expensive accessory. But if you want to get them at a bargain price, you can always search for low-priced steering wheels made of lower quality wood or metal that would still serve its decorative purpose.

4- Ship Model

Even in the old days of pirates, ship models are always a part of a ship’s interior decoration. This type of ship simply shows the overall appearance of a ship in a miniaturized manner. Ship models can also be a part of your ship-themed room or home if you wish to make everything look like a captain’s room. The ship model can be quite pricey but are worth the purchase. You can also go ahead and build your own ship model if you wish to consider it as a hobby as well. For sure you also know those ship models that are made and stores in a bottle. If you can manage to buy or make one, then that’s a fine gem for your home indeed. Sailboats and smaller ships are also suitable for this, and you can even collect more than one of them.

5- Nautical Handcrafts

There are some handcrafts made of antique nautical devices that were creatively designed into an artwork. Some of these may not resemble any part of the ship, but these will still make you feel familiar with the interior of the ship due to the hardware used to craft these very creative decors. These are typically purchased by those who wish to build a ship-themed room or house as well.

With the following accessories present in your home, for sure you will feel like you’re sailing the seas but, in a way, where you’re leading your family towards a better relationship within your beloved home. These decors are also perfect for former and current sailors who just wish to show their love for the sea and their job. If you’re also fond of ships and the sea, for sure you’re going to love these as fine additions for your good-looking home.

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