5 Benefits of Cannabis For Cancer Patients

Did you know that a study completed in 2017 among cancer patients indicated that one quarter of the 900 participants used cannabis in some form to help with their symptoms? A combination of anecdotal evidence and scientific research does indicate that cannabis can be helpful for people who suffer with just about any type of cancer. The key is to differentiate recreational use from utilizing a cannabis extract like CBD oil or at least medical grade marijuana issued by an authorized pharmacy. When administered under the care of a medical professional, there are at least five ways cannabis use can help a cancer patient.

Minimize Nausea

Nausea from treatments like chemotherapy or radiation have the potential to cause nausea. Depending on the type of cancer present, the tumor may be a direct cause of nausea. In either scenario, taking cannabis in some form and in properly measured doses can be effective in easing the nausea. Without the constant sensation of being about to regurgitate, it’s much easier for the cancer patient to focus on whatever he or she wants to accomplish that day.

Help With Depression and Anxiety

The impact of cancer is not always physical. Living with the condition, undergoing outpatient treatments, or recovering from surgery can lead to a number of emotional illnesses. Feeling overwhelmed can in turn trigger panic attacks that seem to come out of nowhere. At the same time, mild to moderate depression may develop and express itself as apathy.

When cannabis is used responsibly, it’s possible to regain some degree of emotional equilibrium. Triggers for panic attacks don’t have the same power, and it’s a little easier to feel some degree of enthusiasm for getting out and doing things. Given how important it is to maintain a positive attitude while undergoing cancer treatments, proper use of a cannabis product can be seen as an important resource in battling the disease.

Stabilize the Appetite

It isn’t just the nausea that prevents the cancer patient from consuming the right type of foods. The tumor as well as undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy may leave the patient with little to no appetite. With no hunger to motivate the individual to eat, it’s easy to get into the habit of skipping meals or not eating enough to supply the body with the right nutrients.

Cannabis can help stimulate the appetite in just about anyone. For the cancer patient who has no particular desire to eat, the effect can be to restore a normal appetite. By ensuring the person is eating enough of the right foods, the body is more capable of holding up to the cancer and to the treatments.

Ease Nerve Pain

Neuropathic pain is not uncommon with many forms of cancer. This type of discomfort is caused when the cancer damages nerves. The effect may be sudden bursts of pain, a sensation of numbness, or a minor but continual ache that seems to come from nowhere and everywhere.

The cannabidiol found in various forms of cannabis can help soothe nerve pain. That in turn helps the patient feel better in general, and more capable of getting up and taking care of daily tasks. In an indirect way, easing nerve pain is also good for the patient’s emotional state, since pain does pave the way for a number of emotional illnesses to develop.

Promote Sleep

Cancer patients deal with a lot, which makes it more difficult to enjoy recuperative sleep. Between the pain caused by the cancer, the agitated nerves, and general worries about what teh future will bring, it’s no wonder that getting to sleep is difficult. Use of CBD oil or some other kind of cannabis extract can calm the mind and make it easier to get to sleep. Many patients report that they are less likely to wake during the night and feel more refreshed in the morning.

If you or someone you love is facing cancer, it’s important to work with a physician and develop a course of treatment. Ask the physician about the use of medically approved marijuana as part of that treatment. While there is no evidence that cannabis in any form will kill the cancer, it may be just what’s needed to minimize the symptoms and make it easier to enjoy a reasonable quality of life.

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