5 Colorful Flower Arrangements for Fall

The rich, bold colors of fall weave a golden, crimson tapestry through the trees and along the landscape as chilly breezes knock leaves from their perches. Those same festive colors brighten the darkening days of autumn indoors, too. You can feature them throughout the house using plants and flower arrangements.

1- A Welcoming Entryway

Before you rake the yard clear, pick a few colorful stems with leaves still attached and choose a handful of bright, whole fall leaves. Clip two or three small pine boughs, too. In a long, shallow woven basket, arrange the pine boughs as the backdrop. Arrange various colored stems with leaves attached as you would flowers in front of the pines. Fill in any gaps with the loose leaves. In a bright autumn yard, you should have yellow, orange, red, brown, and a few remaining green leaves with which to work. Place the basket on the entry table for a welcoming arrangement that provides a subtle transition from the outdoors to the indoors.

2- Embrace Your Inner Vegan

Fall crops lend further bright colors and exciting textures to a table. Whether fresh fruits you replace as they are devoured or dried items, like corn husks, you can build a bold display easily. For a Thanksgiving centerpiece, combine large and small pumpkins with corn husks interspersed. Use pinecones as accents. Peel open a few corn husks to reveal their colorful ears. Many groceries carry yellow corn and red corn ears. Your centerpiece can turn into delicious pie, pudding and a side dish when you choose to change it out, perhaps for a beautiful bowl of fruit. Fall fruits burst with color – the same purples, reds and golds you see on the trees. Fill a crystal serving bowl with plums, cherries and berries. You may find them so tasty, you need to add to the arrangement regularly.

3- The Traditionalist

Martha Stewart suggests a bright and bronzy floral centerpiece for the dining table. In a low rising vase, combine pomegranates, red viburnum berries, tulips, roses and ranunculus. Wrap the vase base in a bronze and green magnolia leaf wreath. As Stewart notes, dining table centerpieces should not block the diners views of one another. Purchasing a few low-rise vases or basket shaped ceramic pieces ensures you’ll have the ideal height for dinner party arrangements.

4- Add a Little Sun to the Kitchen

The days get shorter, the sun shines less, but you can brighten the kitchen table with an orange arrangement. Place a moistened block of floral foam in a bronze or golden vase, then blend gerbera daisies, orange roses, safflowers and snapdragons. Accent with Bonsai eucalyptus, curly willow, Grevillea foliage and a grapevine ball. Feel free to mix and match flower colors, like some sunny sunflowers with the gerbera daisies. With so much golden glory going on, why not merge the yellows and golds? You can add a little food fun to this arrangement by scattering nectarines and oranges around the base of the vase.

5- Brighten the Bath

Fall begins the steady troop of holiday visitors. To ensure your home looks the best, display this array of humidity friendly blooms in the bathroom. In a tall vase, arrange Phalaenopsis orchids, celosia, yarrow and sunflowers. The yellow, golden and orange hues will bring a cheery feel to the room. You can display colorful glycerin soaps in matching tones and colored bath salts, too. Your overnight guests will appreciate the spa-like soak.

Don’t let spring flowers steal all the glory. Fall’s flowers, fruits, leaves and vegetables feature just as much color. Bring autumn’s rich pallet into your home with these floral arrangements.

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