5 Surprising Benefits of Having a Heating System Checked Before Use

Your heating system is critical to the health and comfort of your family. During peak winter months, it protects you from the bitter cold and ensures that your family is comfortable and safe. The last thing you need is your heating system to go out on the coldest night of the year, only to discover that it could be days before you can have it serviced.

Having your heating system inspected annually, prior to use, can save you significant time and money and protect your home and family. The following are five surprising benefits you can expect by having your system inspected before winter arrives.

  1. Saves Energy

You have probably heard that an efficient heating system saves you money on your heating bills. Having your system inspected before use will save you even more money and energy. A system inspection identifies any problems and guarantee that your heating system is at peak performance during the harsh winter months.

A lot can happen from one winter to the next. While your system is during dormant summer months, parts of the system can rust, stick, and corrode. That puts strain on your heating system and will be reflected in your utility bills. An annual heating system inspection can identify any weaknesses and address these issues before they become a problem.

  1. Saves Money on Repairs

When your system is not running its best, it struggles to keep up with demand. This puts more pressure on the entire system and can cause serious damage to vital components. For example, a dirty air filter on a furnace prevents it from pulling in air. This means the system must work much harder to accomplish the task.

Unnecessary strain on your heating system can cause extensive damage to vital components. Repairing and replacing parts of your neglected furnace are far more expensive than an annual inspection.

Another consideration is that most heating systems break down during the peak of winter, when the most demand is on the system. This can increase the cost of repairs. Repairs after normal business hours will cost you more money in overtime pay for overworked technicians in high demand.

  1. Ensures Your Comfort

As mentioned before, your system is most likely to break down when it is needed the most. To ensure that it keeps running smoothly through the coldest winter nights, it is critical that the system is inspected prior to use.

Additional strain on the system can cause serious damage at the worst possible time. Since technicians are their busiest during the peak of winter, it could take days for a technician to repair your system. In the meantime, your family will be out in the cold.

  1. Protects Your Family

Having your system inspected has another unexpected benefit: It keeps your family safe! Small holes or cracks in your heating system can cause a number of hazards. Carbon monoxide and the risk of fire are ever present threats when your system is not functioning as it should.

Having your heating system inspected and serviced prior to use will identify these serious health and safety risks before they become a threat. Cracks, holes, and other safety issues can be identified and repaired quickly during your annual inspection and ensure your family remains safe as the temperatures drop.

  1. Keeps Your System Under Warranty

Many homeowners don’t realize that having your heating and cooling systems inspected and serviced annually is a requirement to keep it under warranty with the manufacturer. Failure to do this not only puts the entire system at risk, it can leave you footing the bill for costly repairs, even if it was caused by a manufacturing defect.

Have your system serviced every year to ensure that it runs efficiently and to that your warranty stays in full effect on your entire system. The last thing you want is to foot the full cost of repairing a relatively new system.

Having your heating system inspected and maintained prior to use will keep your family safe and comfortable during the coldest months of the year. It will also save you significant time and money on energy costs and repairs that could have been prevented before the temperatures dropped.

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