5 Terrible Decorating Mistakes and How-to Avoid Them

For many people, interior decorating can be a bit nerve-wracking. After all, if you make a mistake, it might be costly to repaint a wall or purchase a new piece of furniture. While no one wants to accidentally create a space that’s tacky or gauche, no one wants to live in a space that’s dull and devoid of personality either.

While there’s no right or wrong when it comes to decorating, there are a few classic mistakes that you should be aware of and avoid. Here are the five biggest decorating mistakes and some tips on how you can avoid them.

1. Opting For Furniture Sets

Furniture sets seem like a good idea in theory. After all, everything is guaranteed to match and it takes the headache and guesswork out of planning your room. However, furniture sets might make decorating a bit easier, but they’re hardly the most fashionable choice.

Designers hate furniture sets. The major reason for this is that they’re unimaginative and tend to give a room an “institution” feel. You want your home to feel sleek and put-together, sure, but you don’t want everything to feel like it came out of a box. Instead, mix and match pieces to give your home a unique and personal feel.

2. Planning For Clutter

When clutter happens after a particularly busy week, it’s best to just shrug it off, clean it up and move on. However, some rooms are designed in a way that almost seems to anticipate and invite clutter. An example of this would be an excessive amount of shelves meant to hold mementos or a very large end table.

You don’t have to go full-on minimalist, but it’s best to plan a room in a way where clutter is kept to a minimum. Use smart storage solutions that allow you to store your belongings out of sight and out of mind.

3. Permanently Installing A Fleeting Trend

Trends come and go in the world of interior decorating. While it’s fun to gawk at celebrity homes in magazines that feature the latest and flashiest decorating trends, it’s important that you avoid these trends, unless you have millions of dollars in the bank and can redecorate every few months.

Remember, what seems fashionable now may very well seem tired and tacky a year from now. If you’ve ever seen photos of interior decorating from the 1970s, this should be quite obvious. Although it hurts our eyes to look at it now, those shag rugs and art deco furniture pieces were once all the rage.

4. Painting a Room Before You Buy Furniture

Everyone has an image in mind of what their dream bedroom would look like. However, you have to accept the fact that you might not be able to find your dream bed or dresser in the real world. For this reason, you should find your furniture before you paint your room. This way, you don’t risk being stuck with a room that’s painted beautifully, but devoid of any furniture of decor items that match the intended color scheme and style.

5. Creating A Space That Doesn’t Reflect Who You Are

Too often, people decorate in a way that doesn’t reflect their personality and taste, but rather reflects an ideal. For example, someone with a bold, artsy decorating style might opt for a classic, shabby chic look because it seems like how a modern home should be decorated.

Remember, a house is supposed to be a home. Don’t decorate a home for the person who you think you ought to be. Instead, decorate your house for who you are. You want to create a space that brings you joy and reflects your personality.

When it comes to decorating your house, it’s important to have fun and to shop for pieces that you know you’ll love to come home to each and every day. While there are certainly some mistakes to avoid, don’t be afraid to break a few rules here and there. Remember, the goal of decorating is to create a place that truly feels like home to you, not to the editors of an interior design magazine.

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