5 Things To Remember About Selecting A Car This Fall

Now that you have decided to purchase a new car this fall, you may be eager to start searching the Internet and driving around town in search of the perfect model to take home. For many drivers, buying a car can be both exciting and stressful. While you may be eager to begin cruising around in a stunning new vehicle, there may be some concerns weighing on you. Many drivers worry about making a bad buying decision. Other common worries are related to getting duped on financing or paying too much money for the car. If you are preparing to make a new car purchase soon, focus your attention on these points to ensure that you make a smart decision.

1- The Impact on Your Budget

A new vehicle can impact your budget in multiple ways. The most obvious way is through the auto loan payment. It is easy to overlook the other impacts that a new vehicle will have on your finances. Changes to your auto insurance premium, fuel expense, maintenance costs and more can add up to a sizable amount of money. These factors may all vary based on the specific make and model that you purchase. With this in mind, it makes sense to compare ownership costs for several top picks before you narrow down the options to one specific car.

2- Your Practical Needs for Seating and Space

Many drivers get overwhelmed by the fancy new features and the sheen on a brand-new car, and they can sometimes overlook important and practical matters. While you understandably want your vehicle to look stunning on the road and to have a gorgeous interior design, the car must most importantly be functional for all of your regular needs. Consider how many people you usually need to haul around in the vehicle. Review the cargo area to ensure that it is sufficient for your typical needs. Think about other practical needs you have, such as for towing or hauling.

3- Innovative Safety Features

Innovations in automotive safety features are developing rapidly. Some of the more common new safety features are in the areas of active safety. For example, a forward collision warning may have an automatic braking feature that helps you to avoid a collision. A 360-degree surround-view of the vehicle may alert you when cross-traffic or pedestrian traffic is approaching. While innovative safety features may increase the cost of your vehicle, they may also help you to stay safer. In some cases, they may qualify you for auto insurance savings.

4- Gently Pre-Owned Vehicles May Be Like New

Remember that you do not have to feel limited to a brand-new vehicle. Many auto dealerships have certified pre-owned vehicles that may only be a year or two old. These vehicles may have most of the innovative safety features that you are looking for as well as a modern style and plenty of cargo and passenger space. One of the great things about a low-mileage used car is that the price may be much more affordable. You should compare the cost of a new model against the cost of an almost-new model so that you can see the financial savings for yourself.

5- Price Negotiation Can Be Effective

Some car buyers are opposed to negotiating for a lower price on a new car. They may feel as though the dealership may view them harshly, such as if they cannot afford to pay the full sticker price. Perhaps they do not enjoy being confrontational or adversarial to complete strangers. Price negotiations are common, and most dealerships expect them. In fact, because dealerships may incorporate some wiggle room into their prices to account for negotiations, you may be paying more than you need to if you fail to negotiate. If you are intimidated by in-person negotiations, consider walking out of the dealership after your test drive. Contact the salesperson by email to begin remotely negotiating to get a great price.

It is easy to be impulsive when you are test driving gorgeous new cars that are loaded with stunning features but avoid getting carried away. It may be helpful to bring a responsible friend or family member with you to help you to remain grounded and even to assist with price negotiations.

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