5 Ways How Social Media Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

The 21st century is the time of social media and the Internet. Those are really heavily influencing our lives all the time, and it’s not the positive things they bring. When it can greatly improve our educational processes and the job search, for example, it ruins our lives in some other ways.

Ways Social Media Influences Our Self-Esteem

You’ve probably heard of feminism and one of the issues they raise is objectifying. And we all agree that objectifying can be present on the magazines with the unrealistic pictures of humans, but the same objectifying exists with social networks. Those capture our lives throughout the whole day, starting with the morning snack and continuing till bedtime. And this is what really happens with that.

  1. You judge yourself more.
    Comparing yourself to others is okay and it’s something you should do from the evolutionary perspective. But making yourself feel bad about it is not how it’s supposed to work.
  2. You see a lot of biased things.
    People don’t share fails on their feed. They never do. You only see the best pictures, the best breakfasts, and comparing this to the situations you face on a daily basis your life doesn’t really seem as good and positive. If you would remind yourself that this is only the one side of the coin, you might feel better about it.
  3. You feel unhappy and pathetic.
    This only make things worse and quite often this self-negativity only brings you down and you can’t concentrate and improve the situation, you continue crushing yourself.
  4. You judge the way you feel about it.
    This is the next step, we think that envy is a bad feeling, so you shouldn’t feel it. You start getting angry at yourself for not being able to work out your situation.
  5. You share negativity.
    This has happened with each and every person and this only makes the situation worse, as people spread it and start judging others.

As you see, it only happens because you see a lot of unrealistic things on your social media. This way you disconnect yourself from real life and stop noticing good things that happen to you. Indeed, social media can be great in many spheres, it’s an amazing business tool, it’s the best thing for educational processes, it lets you connect to others. But leave some time to appreciate yourself and work on keeping this balance between the pictures on the net and your own life. And if there is something you don’t like, work on improving it and make it better. All of the power is in your hands.

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About the author: Wifred Murray

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