6 Simple Ways to Incorporate 3D Glasses at a Party

3D glasses are stylish pieces of eyewear. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and they can help you see objects in a new light. Incorporating 3D glasses at a party is one of the best ways to brighten up the atmosphere.

1- Games

3D glasses can lead to fun and entertaining games. Break guests into pairs and have them put on glasses. Give out awards to whoever can complete daily tasks such as brushing their teeth or sweeping the floor the fastest. The 3D glasses will confuse participants and lead to hilarious situations. Not all games have to be competitive. You can test 3D vision and set up objects across the room. Quiz participants to determine how far they can see, and award the top players with a prize. Moving objects can be difficult to manage, but highly rewarding if executed properly. People will love the glasses and the thrill of such a game.

2- 3D Slideshows

Slideshows of memorable moments are easily compatible with 3D glasses. Viewers can put glasses on and watch pictures of these highlight reels. In an extra dimension, everything will be exceptionally clear and people can see photos in high definition. You aren’t limited to just pictures. Videos, which might take a little more effort, are well worth your while. If you choose to use videos, make sure everybody is located directly in front of the screen. Viewing from angles is a recipe for disaster, as colors move around and blend together.

3- Exhibits

3D exhibits are some of the most amazing things to see. These can include sculptures and colored pictures. When guests put on 3D glasses, they can admire the details and intricacies of these exhibits. At the party, keep them inside glass containers to avoid toppling over and crashing down. You can handcraft your own exhibits or purchase them at supermarkets and stores. Handcrafting these designs can be an activity within itself. With enough practice, you can create your own detailed exhibits and impress guests with personalized 3D images.

4- Staring Contests

Staring contests are fun on their own, but when you add the factor of 3D glasses, they become intense competitions. People can look into each other’s eyes and feel a fierce stare behind the glasses. The surrounding environment will be distorted as well, so it will be fun and games all around. Remember that 3D glasses don’t need to be used for their exact purpose. Creativity with a staring contest can go a long way.

5- 3D Cakes

Some restaurants allow you to insert 3D holograms on top of your cake. When guests don 3D glasses, they can see this figurine in its complete beauty. Without glasses, the cake will look like an ordinary treat. This is a terrific surprise for when you finally sing Happy Birthday and blow the candles out. Onlookers will be amazed by the special nature of the cake. Because cakes often come near the end of a party, this is an awesome way to build suspense. Mysterious 3D glasses near the beginning will make people wonder what their purpose is.

6- Handing Out Glasses

Handing out 3D glasses at the beginning of the event is a great party favor. People will instantly be intrigued by the glasses and wonder what they are used for. You can color code and sort glasses depending on your guest. In addition, categorize glasses to determine seating areas and put people into groups. This is much more entertaining than standard tickets or slips of paper.

3D glasses are the future of vision and imagination. A party is one of the best settings for glasses, as everybody is constantly looking around and relaxing. With the right activities, you can incorporate glasses and make them an essential part of the event.

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