6 Surprising Benefits of a Warehouse Reach Stacker

To run an efficient, organized warehouse, you need the right equipment. One of the most important pieces of warehouse equipment, and of course the most well-known, is the forklift. But with many different types of forklifts available, it can be difficult to choose between different models. If your warehouse needs to move large containers and stack them multiple rows high, consider purchasing a reach stacker. Reach stackers are able to carry large containers with ease, and have recently gained ground in the majority of container handling markets as one of the most popular choices. Here are six benefits to using a reach stacker for a warehouse, some of which are quite surprising.

1. Handle Heavy Weights with Ease

A fully-equipped reach stacker can carry up to a 100 ton load. In addition, since reach stackers are protected by various extensions, they are reliable as well as powerful. (Forklift Guide) However, reach stackers aren’t only for handling larger loads. If you are instead trying to move empty containers quickly, there are also empty container reach stacker models made specifically for that purpose.

2. Stack Containers Multiple Rows High

Compared to forklift trucks or container stackers, reach stackers can reach much higher, allowing for greater storage efficiency. Most containers stackers only reach up to the first row, but reach stackers, thanks to their telescopic arm, can carry a 50-ton load up to the third row! This allows containers to be stacked 4-deep thanks to second and third row access. (Reach Stackers)

3. Speedy Stacking

Another reason that many warehouses are turning to reach stackers is the speed at which they can be operated. They are particularly fast with lighter loads, of course, but even with a heavier container, reach stackers are known to be able to stack very quickly over short distances. If speed is a particular concern, you can also opt for an electric stacker; since these don’t rely on manpower, the operator won’t slow down if they tire.

4. A Cheaper Option

For stacking containers in more than one row, many warehouses turn to container cranes. While container cranes are powerful, they are far more expensive than reach stackers. If your warehouse is on a budget and spending extra on a container crane isn’t an option, opt for a reach stacker instead. They are still more than adequate in most cases, as a good reach stacker can offer third-row access and carry 100 tons to lower levels, 50 to the third row.

5. Zero Emissions

Something that many warehouse operators don’t realize is that reach stackers don’t emit any waste. This comes in handy for a variety of purposes. Many operators today are making an effort to reduce emissions for the good of the environment, and reach stackers offer zero emissions while still providing the strength and mobility needed to stack containers and crates. In addition, if working in an indoor warehouse, fumes can become problematic and dangerous, making reach stackers particularly useful indoors. As an added bonus, the lack of waste saves time that would normally be spent disposing of gas after the job is done.

6. Variety of Types and Models

Thanks to the increasing popularity of reach stackers, there are dozens of models that warehouse owners can choose from. Even putting brands aside, reach stackers come in manual and electric models, which each offer different benefits. Manual stackers depend on the muscle power of the operator, but can be ideal for lighter loads in warehouses with smooth floors. Electric stackers run on automatic power, and thus put little physical strain on the operator, which makes them ideal for 24/7 operations or other warehouses where forklift operators put in long hours.

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