6 Tips for Finding the Right Candidate for the Job

Filling a job position means a lot of care and attention to detail. The right candidate at the right time can help any company shine. When looking for that person, you want to get it right the first time. Luring in good talent can also save companies money by reducing the time needed to spend training people for the job. Careful understanding of the needs of your company and the best candidate can make it all work from the very first.

1. Help Wanted Advertising

One way to start any search for the ideal candidate is by creating a help wanted ads. Modern help wanted ads are different than the old fashioned kind. Putting an advertisement on a well seen site means being able to reach out to vast numbers of people. It’s a good idea to carefully word any job advertisement. Make sure to set out the parameters of the job as well as basic qualifications. The last thing any employee wants are hundreds of people applying who don’t have the background they need to get the job done.

2. Proven Track Record

Another quality to consider when hiring is a person with a proven track record. The person with a history of accomplishments is likely to bring that same sense of creativity to your own company. Accomplishments can take many forms. A teen presenting a good work history indicates they have developed good work habits at an early age. Older people who have been in business for a long time often bring with them an understanding of many kinds of work challenges they might have overcome. Take a look at what the candidate has done in their life so far.

3. Sheer Enthusiasm

While so many things go into the right candidate for the job, it is the person who shows an enthusiasm for the job who is often the right person to bring aboard. A person who indicates how much this job means to them and how they value the chance to work for the company is someone who can be trained. People who have taken the time to research the company before showing up for a job interview indicate they are ready to go the extra mile. Much can be taught on the job. A candidate who clearly relishes the chance to work there will learn what needs to be done and likely do it well.

4. Strong Educational Background

Completing a college degree indicates the person has mastered a basic foundation of educational knowledge. People who have earned a bachelor’s degree are required to complete classes in the liberal arts as well as the sciences. A company might need someone with a background in educational psychology or statistics. Any candidate should be able to convey exactly what they’ve learned succinctly and clearly to the person doing the interview. Search for candidates who have truly seized on their opportunities to learn and grow academically.

5. Social Media

Social media is another useful place to find lots of potential candidates. If you have a social media page, use that page to announce job openings. Set up separate email to handle all inquiries. A mass job posting should indicate what you’re looking for in someone to hire and why. This should indicate the hours expected, the kind of work required and all background details. A single social media post can bring in many people from around the job who are looking for a job. Be prepared to respond to follow up questions from many interested parties who are job hunting right now.

6. Worker Connections

One of the very best ways to find qualified and happy candidates for your business is from your existing workforce. Employees often recommend people they know well. They can provide a reference that fits well with the company’s overall goals. Employees typically only recommend people they know well who they know can do a good job. They are likely to shy away from bringing in people they don’t think are right for the company’s needs. Provide employees with varied incentives to recommend new people to hire. They’ll be even more motivated to help find qualified employment candidates.

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