6 Tips for Preventing Crime Against Your Business

As a business owner, you might always be worried about the potential of your business becoming the target of a break-in, embezzlement or any other type of crime. Of course, there is no sure-fire way that you can completely prevent crime from occurring. However, if you follow these tips, you can help keep your business safe.

1. Put Up Ample Lighting

First of all, you should focus on installing ample lighting both inside and outside of your commercial building. If there is plenty of lighting, then potential thieves and others who are thinking about committing crimes might be deterred and might head elsewhere. For example, leaving certain security lights on both inside and outside of your commercial building when it’s closed for the evening and putting up motion lights outside can be good ideas.

2. Invest in a Monitored Security System

Next, if your business does not already have a monitored security system, then now is the time to think about investing in one. These systems don’t cost as much as many people think, and they’re generally well worth the cost. If you have one of these systems in place, then you will know that your business is always being monitored, which provides peace of mind when you’re out of town or sleeping peacefully at night.

3. Install Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras should be used both inside and outside of your place of business. Putting them up in areas of your business where customers mingle can help you prevent shoplifting and putting them up near your cash registers can help you prevent robberies. You’ll even probably want to put them in stock rooms and other areas that only employees access to help prevent employee theft. Also, having them outside can help prevent break-ins and vandalism, and they can also help you keep track of who enters and leaves your place of business.

Of course, you can purchase cheap surveillance cameras yourself, but you might want to opt for a professional installation instead. Consider choosing wireless cameras to prevent tampering and to help ensure that you can install them anywhere that you want to install them. Additionally, consider buying “too many” surveillance cameras rather than too few to ensure that your business is being carefully monitored.

4. Be Careful About Who You Hire

One thing that you should realize is that employee theft is very common in just about every industry. In fact, it’s more common than customer theft. Of course, even those who have clear criminal records and who seem to be great employees could just be the ones who are stealing from your business. However, to help protect yourself, it’s always a good idea to carefully screen and run background checks on the people who you hire to work at your place of business. Before giving employees too much reign within your place of business, make sure that they work for you for a while and that you fully trust them, such as before giving them a key to open and close your business when you aren’t there.

5. Keep Certain Areas Restricted

Along with keeping your building secure, there are probably certain areas and things that you’ll want to keep even more restricted. For example, you might want to have your own private office with its own locking door to help keep employees and others out. Additionally, when storing cash and valuables in your place of business, you may want to put them in a locked safe that not just anyone can access.

6. Invest in Good Locks

It might seem simple, but one thing that you don’t want to skimp on is buying good, secure locks for your exterior doors. If you haven’t purchased new locks for your commercial building in a while, you may want to work with a commercial locksmith to have better locks installed in order to protect your business.

As you can see, as a business owner, there are a few things that you can do to help protect your business from crime. If you follow these tips, then you can gain peace of mind as an owner of a business, and you can help prevent anything bad from happening to your business.

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