6 Tips To Creating A Great Outdoor Space

As the workday intrudes more and more into at-home time, so many people are taking steps to create a true home haven indoors and outdoors. Having a great outdoor space is not only a huge plus for a home’s eventual resale value, but it is a big plus for seasonal outdoor entertaining as well as daily enjoyment. In this article, learn six high-impact yet affordable and easy-to-implement tips to creating a great outdoors pace.

Tip 1Match your indoor palette for a seamless transition.

Forbes reports that one of the best methods for crafting a truly indoor-outdoor home experience is to choose outdoor furnishings that closely match your indoor color palette. For example, if your interior decor features dark furniture with light window dressings, continue that palette on your patio and deck areas. However, for outdoor furnishings be sure to choose weather-resistant, waterproof decor that can withstand the elements!

Tip 2Design around established foot traffic areas.

As Better Homes and Gardens points out, outdoor spaces have their own traffic flow just like indoor spaces. For the most functional and longest-lasting results, design your outside decor around these traffic patterns, using hardy and durable surfaces such as gravel, stone, brick or wood to clearly outline walkable areas versus ornamental areas.

Tip 3Use solar for outdoor lighting safety.

Mother Earth Living points to the safety concerns many families have when adding exterior lighting and powered decor to an outdoor space. Solar panels, which require no wiring or access to electrical outlets and feature compact, unobtrusive design, are fabulous ways to add focused lighting to design features as well as safety lighting around doorways and walkways.

Tip 4Build in an indoor-outdoor “room.”

If you entertain a lot or simply love enjoying meals and downtime with family outside, you may want to consider creating an indoor-outdoor room in your own backyard. HGTV highlights how popular these types of functional outdoor spaces are becoming as more people seek refuge in their own homes when the workday ends. You will want your indoor-outdoor room to have a weatherproof, waterproof ceiling that also promotes good ventilation and air circulation during the hot season. If you live in an area with lots of biting insects, an enclosed patio can work well, as can strategic placement of swamp fans. Also be sure to factor your local seasonal sunlight patterns into furniture placement to avoid squinting into the sun when entertaining, making use of drop-down awnings or pulley curtains to block out excess light.

Tip 5Make sure your seating is ample, comfy and spacious.

Realtor online emphasizes the importance of a well-designed and comfortable yet functional outdoor space in achieving maximum resale value when you put your home up for sale. A huge aspect of the appeal of an outdoor space is the seating. The seating you choose should be weatherproof, of course, but also comfortable and cozy. There should be ample space around each seating feature to allow for easy foot traffic. To help you decide where to place seating, think about the flow of conversation and how to ensure everyone can hear one another easily when chatting. Also, consider where guests will place drinks and snacks during outdoor dining and add in easily accessible side tables for this purpose.

Tip 6Don’t forget the “wow” factor.

Princeton Magazine points out that, just like your interior design choices, how you create your outdoor space is an investment in your own enjoyment and your home’s future value. Here, there is little that can duplicate the “wow” factor like a fire or water feature. Your local climate may inform whether you choose one or both. If you live in a cooler climate, having a fire pit or warming lamps may allow you to extend the useful life of your outdoor space well into the fall or winter. For summer gatherings, a water feature adds ambient white noise as well as an undeniable loveliness to your space. With these six expert tips, you can begin creating your own truly unique outdoor space that suits your lifestyle and resale goals.

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