7 Common Misconceptions on Transporting a Car Across the Country

Transporting a car cross country is a big deal. Your car is a big expense, so it’s understandable that people would have a certain amount of anxiety with the process. While most people tend to have some misgivings about the process, there are some misconceptions that should be cleared up. However, before you do anything, the first step is finding a reputable company to get your car from point A to point B. Do your research on price, scheduling an any other factors you need information about.

One of the biggest misconceptions about auto transporting is that terminal to terminal shipping costs less. This is not necessarily the case. While terminal to terminal shipping may be less expensive for the carrier, you may be levied with additional fees from the terminal for keeping the car. This will obviously add a charge to your final bill.

Another myth is to avoid transport brokers. The word is that with brokers, you don’t know who has your vehicle and cannot keep track of it. The truth is that a broker will work with you to pick up the vehicle at your convenience. Brokers will are more open in answering all of your questions and go over all of the terms with you upfront. Regular carriers only give you a pick up date contract.

Some people are also under the impression that you can actually drive your car quicker to the destination than the transporter. While this may be true in some instances, transporters can usually get your car down the freeway and to its destination in a timely manner. Racing your car across the country can have many drawbacks like breakdowns, accidents and even speeding tickets.

Shipping a car is too expensive. This is not true. There are a number of reputable transportation companies that offer competitive prices. Also, factor in things like gas, lodging and other things if you drive your own vehicle and the bill can add up. In most cases, the money you incur driving to your destination as opposed to shipping can be considerably larger.

Some people say you need to remove your hubcaps to get a better price. This is another fallacy. The only thing you can do if you like is lock your caps in the trunk of your vehicle. Your hubcaps have nothing to do with the transportation costs.

The last myth is auto-shipping is determined solely by distance. This is probably one of the biggest myths. There are a number of factors that go into determining how much a transport will cost and distance is just one. The size of the vehicle, the accessibility of the vehicle’s final destination and how flexible you are with arrival dates also factor in. For instance, your vehicle could be a shorter distance but in a rural or remote area that is hard to get to. If it is off a major highway and well off the beat and path, it could raise the cost significantly. Also, certain days could save you more money than others. Say if you want your car on the 28 of the month, it could cost quite less if you choose the 1st.

Lastly, terminal to terminal shipping can increase the delay time. This is also untrue. Delivery time is based specifically on the customer’s ability to pick up the vehicle.

So before you make decisions on transportation pickup. Understand the pros and cons of transportation services. There are also a number of myths surrounding vehicle transportation that customers should understand the truth about. Research the information for yourself and find a reputable dealer who can walk you through the steps.

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