7 Facts to Keep in Mind When Buying Park Furniture

Whether you are voluntarily opening a park or you work for the Park and Recreation board in your city, there are many things you need to consider when trying to build up a great park. One of the biggest things to consider is the park furniture. Since the park is going to be a meeting place for people to have fun, relax, and enjoy the fresh air, you want to have park furniture that serves its purpose but doesn’t crowd up space. In this article, we will look at seven things to consider when purchasing park furniture for your new park space.

Consider the Size

Before you can buy park furniture, you need to first consider both the size of the park and the size of furniture. If you have a small park, you will want to invest in smaller furniture that will not crowd the tight, limited space that you have. You also need to consider the size of the things within the park like ponds, fountains, or playground equipment. In this case, you can consider where everything is located, how much space is left, and how big the furniture should be to adequately fill the park without crowding it.

Look at the Theme

Another important thing to consider is the theme of your park. If you have a minimalist park with little concrete or extra features like playgrounds or fountains, then you might want park furniture that is less involved. Simple benches for sitting, maybe a simple picnic table can be enough to fill your park with seating that doesn’t look cluttered. These are also ideal for parks that have plenty of green. In fact, many people choose to go with black furniture, both benches, and picnic tables, to provide seating that doesn’t take away from the green in the park.

Who are the Potential Visitors

Building a park is essentially for the people who intend to visit the park. When you are preparing to buy park furniture, you need to consider these visitors and what their needs might be in the park. For example, if you are building a park in a retirement community, you could put a single playground nearby for visitors, but the majority of the park goers will need things like simple walking trails and simple benches in the furniture department. Just like businesses consider their target market, you should consider your visitors and what they need inside the park.

What are the Colors

Some people choose minimal colors in their park, and many go with the typical black or blue themes within the park. However, there are a few times when people choose brightly colored options like reds, oranges, or greens. Typically, people will choose colors to match their overall theme. For example, if you have a playground that is full of bright reds and blues, you might choose playground benches that match the equipment in bright reds or bright blues. It is completely normal to choose brightly colored furniture for your park, and it seems more appealing to the children.

Decide on the Space

Just like considering the size of your park, you need to look at your space. If you have minimal space for furniture, choosing smaller furniture or minimalistic furniture is a great way to make the park feel bigger while still providing somewhere for people to sit while they are visiting the park. Before you buy furniture, walk the park or look over the plans to decide how much space needs to be spent on furniture and how much should be left open.

Consider the City

One consideration that should go into your furniture buying process is the size of your city. If you are building a park for a small city, you might not need that much furniture. However, if you are building a park for a larger city, more furniture might be needed to accommodate the number of visitors that you plan on visiting your park. For example, those in Central Park require more furniture than a local park in a small town with only a few thousand people. Consider the size of your city to ensure you are getting the right amount of furniture.

Look at the Price

Finally, you should be considering the price. You wouldn’t spend too much on equipment for an office, so why would you spend too much money on furniture for your park. Before you make any purchases, look at several different manufacturers or businesses to compare prices. This can help you save money in the long run and help you get the best deals for the city.

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