7 Key Pieces For This Fall’s Wardrobe

It’s about time to switch up the closet from spring to fall. Of course, this means adding a couple of new essentials to the wardrobe that you will use throughout the entire season. Fall is known for the changing leaves and cool nights, and it’s also known for having some of the best fashion throughout the year. Here are 7 key pieces that you need this fall.


Every woman needs a good pair of boots for her fall wardrobe. It’s best to pick a pair with a moderate heel unless you’re comfortable with wearing high heels every day. Go for black or a neutral color so that you can match the boots with almost everything. Don’t forget to make sure that your favorite jeans can fit in your new boots!


While this is a very casual piece, every woman needs a good hoodie that she can count on during cold nights. Try something subtle. Also, you don’t want it to be an oversized men’s hoodie. Find a hoodie that fits you properly. You want it to be easy to slide on and off but not too big. Finally, make sure it’s thick enough to wear outside without a jacket.


A good pair of jeans will be one of your favorite clothing items this fall. Find a pair that fits well but gives you room for after Thanksgiving and nights curled up on the couch vegging out. You want them to be rather simple instead of highly designed. If they’re too highly designed, it will be overly obvious to people when you wear them for a second day during the week. Simple designs also make them easier to pair with different tops.


Leggings are becoming a stable for every woman. Get a pair or two that you truly enjoy to wear. They should be comfortable and stylish. You should have multiple colors available for you to match with just about anything. You can wear them under dresses or as pants with an oversized sweater. Make sure that you get leggings down to your ankles and that they are thick enough to keep you warm!

Leather jacket

A leather jacket adds some edge to just about any outfit. You can get a leather jacket in a variety of styles and colors to match your personality, but for the less adventurous people out there, go for a black or burgundy leather jacket with a simple design. Leather jackets may cost some money, but they last for a very long time. You’ll be wearing it every fall for years to come.
If you don’t like the idea of wearing leather, you can always find high quality faux leather that will give you the same look without any of the guilt!


Scarfs are the perfect accessory to add color and flair to an otherwise plain outfit. Scarfs come in a variety of styles, colors, thickness, and functions. Find some scarfs that you can wear all day but also feels great wrapped around your neck.

Plaid Plaid Plaid!

You can utilize this pattern in a thick skirt, pants, or a shirt depending on the look. Whatever your style, fall is the time to wear some plaid styles. Since they’re so loud all alone, you can keep the rest of the outfit relatively simple.

If you aren’t necessarily crazy about the dropping temperatures associated with fall, at least you can enjoy the fashion options available to you. Stick to your fall colors and enjoy expressing yourself in outerwear. If you’re really getting into it, you can even consider dying your hair dark red.

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