7 Key Reasons to Have Bed Bugs Removed by a Professional

Bed bugs are quite common in most people’s homes today. The prevalence rate of bed bugs in the United States is quite high, as high as 20%. Although the bed bugs are considered safe from transmitting serious diseases such as HIV, they are quite a menace and can give an individual sleepless nights. They are often considered a sign of untidiness and uncleanness in the house. Whenever one encounters bed bugs, it is important to immediately secure services of a bed bug professional exterminator who would be quick to do a thorough job in eradicating them. Some people, however, do consider proposals on how they can achieve bed bug extermination using do-it-yourself procedures. Here are seven reasons as to why it is important to have bed bugs removed by a professional.

1. High efficiency

Professional bed bug exterminators are trained on the various methods of achieving precision as far as dealing with the bugs is concerned. The methods they put in place are dependent upon various factors among which include the type of species of the bed bug, the bug population density, as well as the type of environment the bed bugs infest. Hiring a professional exterminator will, therefore, ensure that the bed bug removal process is efficient in ways that solve the menace once and for all.

2. Cost-effective

Although bed bug exterminator professionals may charge a service fee for the extermination procedures, it is important to note that their services are cost-effective. Do it yourself procedures recommend buying off-shelf insecticides which may impose a low cost in the short term. However, given the fact that they are ineffective, it is highly likely that the costs incurred during such procedures escalate in the future. This is as opposed to hiring a professional exterminator whose services would guarantee a permanent solution after incurring a one-off cost.

3. Value for safety

Professional bed bug exterminators are well trained on the various kinds of medications, chemicals, and insecticides to use. They are also well trained on the safety issues that may arise as a result of bed bug extermination procedures in the house. Hiring their services guarantees that safety recommendations and procedures would be put in place and adhered to, therefore preventing instances of cross-contamination and poisoning of occupants.

4. Minimized damage of property

Professional exterminators know which procedures to utilize and under what circumstances. They are well trained, for instance, on helping resolve a bed bug infestation inside an expensive mattress without tearing it apart or destroying it. This is as opposed to do-it-yourself procedures which may require you to tear the mattress apart to pour chemicals inside. A professional exterminator would, therefore, save the customer extensive damages that may be costly. They are also well versed with extermination procedures on areas such as cracks on a bed where common procedures are unable to remediate.

5. Valuable and professional advice

Having bed bugs removed by professionals also gives one an opportunity to be served with expert advice on how to prevent future recurrences and infestations. The professional advice rendered by exterminators ensures that the house becomes free of bed bugs in future.

6. Saves time

Professional bed bug exterminators, like any other service providers, are trained on how to offer exemplary services while observing the unwritten rule of quality customer service. Whenever hired, a good professional bed bug exterminator would arrive at the customer’s home within the shortest time possible and do their work professionally well. This level of professionalism helps save much time while resolving the menace effectively.

7. Guarantees and warranties after service

Working with a professional bed bug exterminator is also beneficial as it gives one the confidence of high-quality precision extermination services. A professional exterminator will go an extra mile to offer a warranty period for which the extermination service would last and be effective. This guarantees a customer that he will not have to worry about a recurrence of bed bugs in the house after the extermination service. Most professional extermination companies give guarantees of the time for which the treatment given will be effective.

In conclusion, professional bed bug exterminator services usually come with a guarantee of effectiveness. The professional nature of the service rendered by the experts ensures an emphasis on personal safety, cost-effectiveness, and value for time. This should, therefore, be sufficient reason to convenience one to have bed bugs removed by a professional.

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