7 Unique Party Favors For Destination Weddings

To go the extra mile for a wedding, the only solution is to have a destination wedding. There’s nothing more exciting than traveling either somewhere new or to a special place that means a lot to the intended couple. From the very start, the couple and guests are going to have a blast being somewhere new instead of a traditional church or rented hall. For those who are planning a destination wedding, however, you may be stuck on just what to provide for a party favor for all of your guests. To help you out and make your wedding run smoothly, here are seven unique party favors you can have at your destination wedding.

1. Cactus Or Succulents

For those who went to Las Vegas or somewhere else where the desert plays a key feature, you can bring the desert back home with your friends with little and potted cacti. They can be easily tucked away inside of a burlap sack for travel. Since they have a long lifespan, your guests can keep the memory of your wedding day alive for years and years. In addition, unlike regular flowers, cacti and succulents don’t require a lot of water or care in general. So, there’s no pressure in keeping these plants thriving.

2. Cultural Blankets

Whether you travel to Mexico, the Highlands, or somewhere in Peru, each culture has their own version of a heritage blanket. You can sweetly roll up such a blanket and have your guests take one home to warm them whenever they’re chilly. The blankets not only come from the place where the wedding was held, but they can also be tailored with a personal inscription from your new family to theirs. In that way, they’ll always remember your wedding whenever they reach for a blanket.

3. Wine

Let’s be honest, everyone loves the chance of taking home free booze. If you happen to have a wedding in France, Italy, or even just a vineyard anywhere, then you can bottle up samples of the best wine the vineyard has to offer and send them home with your guests. You can be sure that this gift will delight everyone. You can also decorate the tiny bottles the wine is held in to add just a further personal touch for your party favors. Now they can toast the newly married couple when they get home, too.

4. Compass

If you happen to get married in a place where it might be difficult to narrow down just one thematic party favor, then you can always go with a compass. Not only are compasses elegant and beautiful but they tie into the whole destination setting. Each compass can be inscribed with a personal message from the new couple to their specific guest for a personal and touching gift. Your guests can open their compass whenever they desire and relive the love that was shared at the wedding.

5. Cookies

Sweets are always another excellent idea for a party favor. Not only does this make the gift appropriate for children but adults love cookies, too! You should do a little research into the area where your wedding is taking place–especially if it’s on foreign soil–and determine if there’s any regional or cultural form of a cookie that they’re known for. Not only can you educate your guests on some of the local baking practices but you can indulge their sweet tooth, too. However, make it too beautiful, and your guests may feel guilty about consuming the cookie in the first place!

6. Picnic Basket

For those who like to give a lot of little party favors, then a picnic basket is the solution for you. You can add in regional sweets, food, wine, and little toys or fun facts in the basket. Your guests will have a blast going through each little trinket.

7. Camera

One easy to forget item to bring to a destination wedding is the camera. Let your guests memorialize everything with their cameras on your wedding day as well as the fun adventures you share together afterward.

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