7 Ways You Can Improve Your Car’s Performance

No matter what make, model or year car you own, you always want it to be at its best. You might think that you need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in order to do that, but the truth is, you don’t have to spend a ton of cash. There are many things you can do to improve your car’s performance that don’t cost any money. Here are seven things you can do to boost the performance of your wheels.

1. Get an Inspection

One of the most obvious ways to improve your car’s performance is to take it to your local auto body shop to get an inspection. A certified mechanic can take care of a number of concerns you might have with your vehicle or even find some that you didn’t know existed, such as fixing the tire pressure, addressing alignment, changing your oil or even windshield wiper fluid, replace worn out spark plugs, unclog your air filter and much more. A full inspection can take care of a lot of issues that can overall improve the performance of your car.

2. Reduce Some Weight

Another thing you can do to improve your car’s performance is to reduce some of the weight it carries. There’s a good chance you are toting a few items that you really don’t need. Even small items can help to contribute extra weight that your vehicle has to lug when you’re driving it. Look throughout the front and back seats, trunk, under the seats and even in your glove compartment for any unnecessary things you might be toting. Remove them and lighten the load in your car for a better performance.

3. Get Better Tires

If your tires are worn down, it can really cost you when you make turns or brake while driving. Upgrading your tires is one of the best ways to improve your car’s performance on the whole. You’ll stop skidding while driving and have an overall smoother ride. You may even want to consider getting snow tires even if it’s not winter. They can help you in a variety of conditions and on different surfaces.

4. Decide Whether You Really Need Your A/C On

Although it’s always tempting to use your air conditioning during the hottest days of summer, it’s important to decide whether you really need it on all the time. If it’s not too hot outside and the temperature inside your car isn’t unbearable, you can forgo using the a/c and simply roll down your windows. You can save around 8 percent of your car’s fuel consumption and improve your ride altogether in the process.

5. Get Lighter Wheels

Another thing you can do to improve your car’s performance is to get lighter wheels. Generally speaking, the rule of thumb regarding a vehicle’s wheels is that one pound of rotating weight is the same as four pounds of weight that is static. Rims on your car’s wheels can weigh down your vehicle, which in turn, can also negatively affect the way you brake or accelerate. The lighter your wheels and wheel rims, the better, in terms of improving the performance of the car.

6. Improve Your Brakes

When your brakes are faulty, it can adversely affect your vehicle’s performance. It can also quickly rack up the dollars in terms of your mileage. Improving your brakes can result in a smoother ride and better car performance. You can also look forward to a quieter ride as well.

7. Improve Aerodynamics

Finally, another way you can improve your car’s performance is to enhance its aerodynamics. Some ways you can do that include removing unnecessary antennas, installing better rear-view mirrors, adding a better, streamlined bumper and leveling the bottom of the vehicle. Obviously, if you do any of these things, you should only aim to use high quality parts.

These are all great ways you can improve your car’s performance. Follow these steps and marvel at how much better your vehicle not only looks and feels but also performs, as well.

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