8 Key Reasons to Use Organic Ingredients in Your Food

While shopping at the store, you may see someone pick up a pricey item that happens to be organic. Yes, organic produce is becoming more important to today’s culture, but you may be wondering if it’s just a fad. Well, the following are eight reasons why it should not be a fad and why you should consider buying organic ingredients.


1. Smart Baby

One of the most troubling discoveries about unhealthy food is that it could affect developing babies. It seems that pregnant women who eat foods that are not organic may be ingesting pesticides that could cause a child to have thinner gray brain matter than a healthier child. This could lead to developmental issues like ADHD just to name one possible risk.

2. Toxin-Less

Organic food is not grown using pesticides or other toxins. This is good because it could make you healthier. A commonly used pesticide is Roundup, which may be a carcinogen when ingested. You do not want to put yourself or your entire family in danger of cancer by eating foods with these kinds of pesticides. Keep in mind that the body takes a long time to get rid of toxins, so this is a problem that needs your attention.

3. Hormone-Less

Meat or products from animals may contain hormones if they are not organic. Farmers use hormone therapy to make animals grow bigger or produce more milk. These ingredients get passed down to the consumer, which may lead to unforeseen issues like cancer or antibiotic resistance. Yes, antibiotic resistance is a problem that could cause major issues later on if vaccines or antibiotics become useless.

4. Nutrient-Rich

Animals and produce grown naturally usually have access to rich soil or rich food. This means that the food you end up eating comes with a lot more nutrients. You know just how important these things are for your overall health, which should give you another reason to opt for organic options.

5. Antioxidant Power

Antioxidants are important to the body because of free-radicals, which continue to hurt healthy cells in the body. One of the most commonly known problems associated with free-radicals is premature aging because they hurt healthy skin cells. Nutrient-rich food usually means an abundances of antioxidants, which should help your body fight free-radical invasions.

6. Healthy Fat

Fat has gotten a bad rap for a long time, but that is slowly changing. People are starting to learn that it is really the type of fat that is being consumed and the quantity that people should pay attention to. Fat that comes from inorganic sources seems to be less healthier than fat from organic sources. For example, you will likely get more omega 3 fatty acids from raw, organic milk than from regular milk.

7. Earth Support

Another thing that should be pointed out is organic food is grown in a sustainable way and without harming the earth. Pesticides, herbicides, and all the other questionable ingredients used to grow or raise produce ends up contaminating the earth. There is no telling what kind of effect that is going to have on the future of this planet. You can rest easy knowing that your organic produce or products did not harm the earth on its journey to your home.

8. Taste Explosion

Organic food is not infected with preservatives, meaning that these organic products have to get to your grocery store very quickly. The chances that your organic produce is fresh is very high, meaning that you are going to be using tastier ingredients. Old produce never tastes as it should, so those who care about taste should definitely take this into consideration when choosing between food that is organic or not.

Hopefully, some of these points about organic food make it a little easier for you to make a choice about the type of food you buy. Sure, it may seem like a fad and an expensive one, too, but it may be a fad worth keeping. It is important that people continue to invest in organic produce or grocery stores will not carry these items.

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