8 Men’s Fashion Trends This Summer

What can I say except dudes now have period choices of the ’60s blended with ’90s iced with a touch of biker leather? Yep! You heard it here, this is the 2019 summer trends that will make you distinct in a crowd. 

1. Tie-dye is back not only with tee shirts, but lightweight summer pants, shorts, and even the casual suit. The ’60s made tye-dyed clothing a social statement with bright colors swirled in unique patterns. Time to download some Bob Marley and “get into the groove” while styling in a tie-dyed shirt wearing stone washed light denim jeans that have been distressed.

2. Leather is back ranging from biker styles to exotic designer dyed reptilian skins, cut to show off your more adventuresome personality. Jackets, suits of matching patterns, vests, and leather tight pants can give you that sexy manly-man edge that casts you in the perfect light for some of that “right” kind of attention when out on the streets. Don’t forget that leather makes for great Rocker wear.

3. For those of you that want to be cool and stay cool at the same time, you will be glad to know that thigh-high short-shorts are back in style. If you want to mix it up, plaids which are back in as is mixing patterns. Nerds and geeks will be happy to know they will be retro ’90s fashion candy. Tennis and gym shorts are now all the rage in high fashion during the day.

4. Pockets, pockets, and more pockets have gilet covered military and sporting utility vests making the runway. With a statement of the seriousness, “I can get it done” look, everyone will know you are prepared when jetting off to your next expedition. Add some cowboy boots to round out the “I mean business” look. Just to have a bit of fun, make the boots hot pink lizard skin with metal studs. It pays to keep them guessing.

5. Sling bags and sac de cou (a pouch that is worn on a chain around the neck) fit in with the leather or mixed patterned rage. Much smaller than a backpack, these looks minimize the bulk. A variety of types of bags can be used as an extension of your fashion style. Make them edgy, unique, and your personality’s wild child statement with a touch of glam.

6. Nudity has always been a part of the arts, and fashion art is no exception. Body painting has been a surging trend for the past few years, so why not add it to your fashion’s wardrobe. Using your upper torso as a canvas can be so much fun. It becomes like stylish war paint or a colorful second skin that will catch every eye around you. You don’t have to be an artist to have fun with this. Just make sure you use makeup that will wash off easily.

7. Are you a mellow kind of guy that likes an earthy, ethnic, cultural kind of look? Do natural woven fabrics that showcase an organic, understated flair, fit your way of life? Well, the bohemian look of the ’60s is back in with clothing made of cotton and linens. Loose fitting and comfortable, you will fit right in at the beach or the next outdoor concert. Light colors, ethnic prints or a combo of both must be worn with open toe sandals to make the look complete.

8. Yes, I know you have your cell phone to check the time, but they are just not stylish to wear, am I right? This year, vintage watches are back to make a fashion statement instead of just providing a function. Think of them as a type of bracelet that can be incorporated into your trendy look. Leather bands are generally considered more casual with metal bands stating a more business or formal focus.

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