8 Surprising Things to Consider When Looking for a New Church

When looking for a new church, Christian beliefs and church doctrines are definitely your key guide in your search. Churches differ in the way they handle their things, and therefore, you need to do a background check before you move into that new church that you’ve just found. So, consider the following things when looking for a new church.

  1. Whether You can Befriend the Followers

It’s a great feeling to be in a church where you can interact freely with brothers and sisters in Christ who can pray, encourage, and rebuke you. But again, you need friends who can always be there for you, people you can have fun with. If you go to a church where you have no one to connect with, then it means you will be so lonely, and the next thing you’ll do is that you will be contemplating to leave.

  1. Whether the Leaders Enjoy Serving at the Church

Ensure that the leaders of your new church love and enjoy what they do. You can find out this by asking people who work closely with the pastor, such as deacons, elders, and pastoral staff. Members of the congregation may not know since they only receive the right side of the leadership with no clue of what transpires behind curtains. The congregation’s members may be hesitant to answer if ask questions directly for fear of tarnishing their pastor’s name, and therefore, you need to be wise.

  1. Whether You Will Continually Grow Under the Preaching

A good preaching is one that continuously accommodates every stage of life. It should have an impact on everybody, whether you are you are young, youthful, and elderly. It should be relevant and touching all aspects of life to ensure you are molded all around. Look around and see whether all age groups are represented in the church. If not, then that’s a clear indicator that the pastor only preaches about one age group, secluding the others.

  1. Christian Practices They Emphasize

Consider what the church is all about and their main focus. However, a vision statement will not answer all these questions as it sounds so broad to look alike with any other church you find on the streets or internet. Look at their culture to know what the church emphasizes on. If for instance, the congregation hangs out after the service ends, that’s a definite indicator their emphasis is on building the community surrounding them.

  1. Whether Your Family Can Grow There

No parents want to attend a church where they are growing, but their kids are not. If a church has a children’s ministry, then it means your kids will be accommodated well, and you will all grow together. That explains why some churches have many parents as part of the congregation, but others don’t.

  1. Check Its Environment

The church should be in a conducive environment that allows worshiping without distractions. The disturbances could be noise from nearby industries or roads. It should be in a quiet holistic setting that enables you to connect with your God. It should also be accommodative to the entire family and have the necessary utilities that will make you feel at home.

  1. Location

Look for a church that is located near your residence. You don’t have to travel miles a week to attend a church service. Look for a church that you can always access even if you are 15 minutes away for the service to begin. It’s not only time conscious but allows you to manage your time well.

  1. Security

Safety is a paramount consideration when you are looking for your new church. Your safety and that of your kids should be enhanced. You don’t need to have divided attention thinking about your kids or that of your car outside. When in church, you need to focus with no interruption until the service is over.

The critical thing is to find a church where you will be able to grow morally and spiritually together with your family. Nevertheless, you may not find one that meets your 100 percent expectations, but you can opt for one that strikes a balance.

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