8 Unique And Exciting Adventures To Take in Jamaica

Lazing on a golden beach or by a plushy resort pool is the perfect vacation for some. Others are looking for more action. If you fall into the latter group, look no further than Jamaica. With its topography of exotic beaches, mountains, and rainforests, this Caribbean Island nation provides plenty of action-packed vacation experiences from St. Elizabeth to Montego and everywhere in between. Check out the following eight unique and exciting adventures to take in Jamaica.

1. Dunn’s River Falls

Take time to head for Ocho Rios and climb the Dunn’s River Falls. Here you can take a guided climb and then get some relaxation time on the beach at the bottom. Although the climb isn’t rigorous, the rocks are slippery, so you’ll need water shoes which you can purchase on-site. You are sure to get a good splashing along the way so plan accordingly. This tour is best left to adults and older children who can swim. Take a waterproof camera strapped to your wrist to capture some fantastic photos. Once down the falls, you will be happy to find dressing rooms and a cafeteria.

2. Blue Mountains National Park

For a unique Jamaican adventure, don’t limit yourself to coffee sampling in the majestic Blue Mountains. Along the edge or the island’s eastern ridge, you can find thrilling hiking and camping in the Blue Mountain’s National Park. The range peaks at an altitude of over 7,000 feet, so you can imagine the spectacular views you’ll witness.

3.The Blue Lagoon

Once you arrive at this picturesque destination in central Port Antonio, you’ll see why there was a famous movie made here of the same name. You’ll also understand why it’s called the Blue Lagoon. The cool, 180-foot deep water is a vibrant cobalt-blue that you will want to snap pictures of and then take a dip in. This unique mix of freshwater and salt water is fed by a mineral spring. If you are there for the day, you’ll notice that as the angle of the sun changes, the water turns another shade of blue.

4. Dunn River Fall’s Snorkeling Cruise

Don’t leave Jamaica without snorkeling in the colorful Caribbean. Take a catamaran for a three hour and 30-minute excursion to a location near Dunn River Falls where you can swim among the coral reefs and amazing tropical fish. You’ll also get treated to a buffet of traditional Jamaican food and open bar on this lively cruise.

5. Glistening Waters

Witness a true natural phenomenon on a night tour of the Glistening Waters Lagoon in Falmouth on Jamaica’s North shore. Boats, swimmers, and darting fish paint the water with blue-green neon swirls. The eerie glow comes from millions of microscopic dinoflagellates that populate the lagoon. There are only a few places in the world where this can be seen, and the brackish waters of this lagoon where the Caribbean’s salt water mixes with the fresh of the Martha Brae River provides the ideal environment for them to survive.

6. Mystic Mountain Bobsledding

Thrilling adventures await at Mystic Mountain in Ochos Rios. Bobsledding, zip lining, and diving into pools become super-exciting in the heart of a lush rainforest. Ride the SkyExplorer chairlift 700 feet above sea level for stunning views of the Ocho Rios coastline. Then prepare for the Bobsled Ride, the park’s signature attraction. Inspired by the Jamaica Olymoic team, the sleds race down at breathtaking speed. Back at the top, it will be time to fly through the forest on the Canopy Zip Line. Mystic Mountain is truly where thrills meets beauty.

7. Hiking Mayfield River

For a challenging hike that ends with a reward from nature, don’t miss hiking the Mayfield River located an hour southwest of Montego Bay. You will traipse across cool, clear water with special shoes strapped to your feet. Along the way, you will come to a few spots deep enough to jump in, so go for it. When you make it to the end, you will be rewarded by two exhilarating waterfalls that you can swim underneath and experience this rushing force of nature.

8. Zip Lining in Montpelier

Zip lining is the ultimate Caribbean adventure. For one of the most mellow yet fun canopy tours, check out zip lining in Montpelier. This one has just enough speed to get the adrenaline pumping and platforms that are just high enough to know you are off the ground. It’s located at an old plantation which gives this adventure plenty of Jamaican character. The highlight of this zip trip through dense jungle is zipping between the branches of a huge, centuries-old tree.

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