9 Misconceptions About Wearing Contacts

The invention of the contact lens dates all the way back to Leonardo da Vinci who was born in 1452. He was the first person to conceive of wearing lenses directly on your eyes, but the first actual contact lens was not produced until 1887. Over the ensuing decades, there have been many advancements in the science of contact lenses. Even though this miracle product has existed for so long, people still have misgivings about wearing them which are due to some commonly-held myths. Here are 9 myths that many people have about contact lenses.

1. Contacts Fall Off

This used to happen years ago because the lenses were hard. Today, even the more rigid type lenses fit closer to the eye so that they will not fall off when playing sports or other physical activities. 

2. Some People Can’t Wear Contact Lenses

This is incorrect. Because of recent advancements in contact lenses, just about all people can wear contact lenses without any negative repercussions. There are even bifocals for people who have presbyopia. There are also contact lenses that correct astigmatism, the disease that deforms the eyeball so that things from a distance appear out of focus. Custom contact lenses can correct the most severe eyesight impairments. People who were told in the past that they can’t wear contacts should look into it now because there is probably a solution today.

3. Contacts Are Very Expensive

This is not true because sometimes contacts can cost less than some eyeglasses. Disposable contacts, which were once luxury items, can now be worn for as little as a dollar a day.

4. Contacts Get Lodged Behind the Eyeballs

This is actually not possible because there is a thin membrane that connects the inside of your eyelid to the eyeball. It’s called the conjunctiva, and it prevents anything from getting behind your eyeball. Otherwise, this would be a common problem with tiny debris of different kinds getting behind the eyeball.

5. Contact Lenses Are Not Comfortable to Wear

This is not actually true. Although there is an adaptation period where you can feel the lens, you will generally not be aware that you have them on after that brief phase. If there is a cause for discomfort, there are many remedies available to make your contact lenses comfortable to wear.

6. Contact Lenses Can Get Stuck on Your Eyes

A soft contact lens can stick to the eye if it dries out, but this is very easy to remedy by applying a saline solution to moisten the lens. This is not really a cause for concern.

7. It’s A Lot of Fuss to Wear Contacts

It’s actually easy to take care of contact lenses. You only need one bottle for cleaning, moistening and disinfecting lenses. It’s even easier when using daily disposable lenses that require no maintenance at all.

8. Contact Lenses Could Cause Eye Problems

This is only true if the lenses are not worn and cared for correctly. When you follow the instructions of your doctor, there will be no harmful side effects.

9. It’s Hard to Get Them On

Every new thing that you learn takes a little bit of time. All you need is a little bit of patience, and it will become very easy. Your eye care specialist will help you so that you easily learn to put them on correctly. You will find that it’s not as difficult as you once thought.

When you dispel a lot of the common myths about contact lenses, it becomes clear that they are a good solution for just about anyone. They are completely safe to wear; they are about as affordable as a good pair of eyeglasses and contact lens maintenance is not even an issue at all if you wear disposables. If you were told that you couldn’t wear contact lenses in the past, you should look into getting some now because many advancements have been made in recent years.

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