9 Tips For Planning a Summer Wedding

Ocean breezes, salty skin, and feeling the sand on your toes? What better time for a wedding than summer time? This favorite season among many brings to mind romance and relaxation to create the perfect party.

According to the Huffington Post, a summer wedding can be foolproof with a few quick tips. We’ve compiled the best from this source and other experts to create an easy guide to make your summer wedding more than just a fleeting memory.

1. Find The Right Dress For the Hour

You may think wedding dresses are all heavy and immovable. Luckily, light lace is a breathable material for long-sleeves and accents to your gown. Don’t forget your bridesmaids – they need to feel cool too! Consider a bolero or booties when you’re taking your vows inside in the AC.

2. Favors Make All The Difference

Worrying your guests will get cranky in the heat of an outdoor summer wedding? Luckily, you can provide them with the perfect favor before they even take their seats. Think about a classic paper fan or pinwheels for children to feel the breeze even when the sun is shining down.

3. Keep Your Guests Comfortable Outside

Speaking of outdoor weddings, it’s no fair to put your guests out in the beating sun. Invest in a light canopy over your seating area and offer refreshing beverages and bug spray before you walk down the aisle.

4. Showcase Your Individuality

Weddings may be stressful, but there’s a way to make yours truly unique and exceptional this summer. In recent news, Taco Bell weddings and underwater ceremonies are hot for the summer. Look to your favorite interests and food to make your ceremony one of a kind.

5. Take a Trip…You Earned It!

You may not live in a region with a sunny summer. Try to find a destination wedding for the season. Weddings are popular in Hawaii and Mexico where you can enjoy Pina Coladas poolside.

A destination wedding is perfect with an intimate ceremony. Whether it’s just a few friends or simply you and your partner, you’re sure to create lifelong memories of your special day.

6. Money Doesn’t Always Equal Happiness

Flower children may prefer a more rustic wedding. Summer comes to mind bright colors and tropical decor you can even pluck straight from your backyard in certain regions of the world.

Get your party together for a fun night of crafting favors and decorations on a budget. Consult managers of a local beach or park for a pretty venue. Ask your friends and family if anyone has photography or baking skills for photos and a cake made with love.

7. Be Specific in Your Invitations

Casual or formal? Make sure your invites depict the theme of the occasion so your guests know whether to dress up or down. Forbes suggests your guests will feel more comfortable dressing to their surroundings rather than getting all dolled up for a fancy ball.

8. Look to Lighter Fare for Your Guests

No one wants to sweat and feel cramped on the dance floor after a big meal at your wedding. Your guests will want to feel refreshed and ready to party after dinner. Craft a fruity cocktail to pair with seasonal favorites, like fresh salmon and a leafy salad. Make sure there’s plenty of ice water before, during, and after the ceremony.

9. Ask Your Planner What’s Right For Your Wedding

The perfect wedding planner can handle the details of your summer wedding for you. Scout out a location with shaded outdoor area or A/C units inside. Inquire about decor, favors, and dinners and get the right expert opinion. Happy wedding!

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