A Beginner’s Guide to Sales Automation

Naturally, any sales job is challenging, as well as thrilling. When you think about the sales pitch, learning more about a client, and closing the sale, the thrill comes alive. However, with the technology used today, it is clear that not many purchases are made face to face, as was the case before. A survey done by XANT showed that only 35.2% of salespersons spend their time selling. Sales automation has done a fantastic job of making the salesperson job easier.

Why you need sales automation

Have you ever lost a deal because you forgot to follow-up? This is the reason why sales automation was created. If you never have time to add leads to your customer service management systems, sales automation will help you do this.

Sales automation helps remove the mechanized part of your business, making time-consuming sales tasks easier using the software. Also, using artificial intelligence (AI), your sales job is made more manageable, and you get to your clients much faster.

These powerful sales automation technologies prevent the tedious chores of having to go to your client physically. Depending on your business, you can get to your clients using a CRM that will guide your client through the sales process using automated responses that you can respond to after following other needs.

Tasks such as manual dialing, data entry, and data analysis can be done using the sales software. You get to save time and create more leads when your sales system is automated. Your company will have an easy time conducting their business on the field as you monitor the business remotely.

Reasons why sales automation helps your sales, process

Most businesses rely on advertising and referrals as opposed to cold calling. With sales automated processes, you gain more leads due to the manual tasks you avoid in the process. Ask yourself if the quantity of calls is essential. Most sales calls require quality as opposed to quantity, which means an autodialer is the best option. When used, your team members put on their headsets and let the auto dialer complete the sales task.

If your team is performing many tedious, repetitive tasks, you need sales automation to eliminate this issue. Especially when your team is forced to enter the information to a database to generate reports manually. However, you can also get software that does tasks automatically.

How much does a sales automation feature cost?

If you happen to get a sales automation software, consider the feature it provides. In case it does not help your business, you need to upgrade these features at an extra cost.

Consider how many hours in a week your team spends on various sales tasks that could be automated. The amount of time lost each month by the team on manual tasks is calculated to ascertain how much you can spend on the software.

With this information, you can determine the sales automation software that makes financial sense for the size of your business.

Maximize the success of your business using sales automation software

To improve your business using this software, you need to consider a few factors.

Boost your dialing speed

Depending on the number of calls, your teams can miss numerous. The calls can be missed as the queue adds up; therefore, you need to find ways to boost your dialing speed.

Therefore, find an autodialer that allows your team members to pop a head-on and get numerous calls all day long as opposed to dialing numbers manually. This helps increase the prospects or leads you to need for your business.

Also, place the calls in a pipeline. This means you do not just add a contact list to your auto dialer but put it in a sales pipeline. By so doing, you manage to find customers who are in the interest level of the sales process. Other options provided by the sales automation software includes email marketing and pre-built campaigns.

Increase the productivity of your sales team using the above strategies. You are assured of gaining more clients for your business. You get to operate your automated sales business from the comfort of your office and grow your business.

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