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5 Great Reasons to Have Your Child’s Party at a Trampoline Park

If you’re like most of us, you’re a busy individual managing your professional and personal life and each of your kids’ schedules, to boot. Your nine-year-old has been reminding you that her birthday’s coming up in six weeks, and she wants it to be the best birthday ever! Her friends are lovely kids, but with everything going on, you secretly dread the idea of planning, throwing, and cleaning up after twenty kids at a home birthday party. What do you do? Throw your kids a party to remember at a trampoline park!

1. Everything’s included in the party package. You won’t have to do a thing!

The staff at every trampoline park worth visiting are seasoned professionals. It’s their job to run birthday parties from start to finish including a jump safety presentation, jump lessons, supervised jump time and organized trampoline games. A place for everything from where to leave gifts and shoes will be predetermined. Food and party supplies will be provided and can be set up by staff. Everything’s included in the prepaid cost, and anything you might need to provide, like the cake, will be indicated. No cleanup or organizational headaches for you!

2. Your child and his friends will learn valuable skills pertaining to safety, coordination, movement, and spatial awareness.

There’s a lot of skills and coordination that go into making the best of a trampoline park experience. Your child and his friends will learn how to be aware of space and time when learning how to use the jump facility safely. They will learn proper technique and how to work together to accomplish a team-building goal during one of the many competitive organized trampoline games that they will play. Your child will get a chance to socialize in an environment that gets the endorphins flowing! Shy kids can suddenly become more outgoing when physical movement and team play are involved.

3. Trampoline parks and other physical activity help combat childhood obesity and promote a healthy, active lifestyle for your child and her peers.

Every media outlet from Huffington Post to ABC News is reporting on it: Children’s health risks due to inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle in front of screens are at an all-time high as we speak! Our kids need to be moving. Walking half a mile to school at a moderate pace just isn’t going to cut it, either. They need to be getting their heart rates up, and if they are otherwise physically sound, they need be doing the kind of athletic things that flex their muscles and get them feeling a little bit sore the next day. They need to be taught how to fall without hurting themselves. They need to learn how to use the right muscles for certain movements so they can build a foundation of natural injury prevention on into adulthood.

4. A full, active day at a trampoline park will wear your child out and help her sleep soundly at night.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a good night’s sleep after a long day of tremendous physical activity. If your child suffers from sleep disruption or struggles to focus in school, he or she might need a higher level of exercise, and that’s what trampoline parks celebrate! Exercise is also linked to stimulating brain activity, so however way you want to cut it, you are helping kids develop a lifestyle that promotes academic achievement by keeping them active.

5. Jumping up and down has tons of extra health benefits for everyone that you didn’t know until now!

The lymphatic system is a system of the body that helps it rid itself of waste, toxins, and other unwanted substances. Lymphatic drainage is a technique that helps keep the lymphatic system moving and purifying itself. Two popular ways to promote it are through lymph drainage massage and you guessed it, jumping up and down continuously on a trampoline! The physical benefits to a good round of jumping at a trampoline park, both freestyle and organized through group games, make a profound impact on everyone involved.

The reasons for having your child’s birthday party at a trampoline park are endless. From tons of fun, to a prepackaged deal to leave you free of stress and planning headaches, to a tremendous brain and body supercharge, your child is sure to love a party at a jump party at your nearest trampoline kingdom.

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