How to Choose the Right Awning Color For Your Business

There are different factors that come to mind when considering to purchase an awning for your business, and one of them is the color. Awnings are associated with patios and decks; they are common in windows, doors, and roofs.

When you have a colorful awning, it can help your business by making an impression on your clients. If you have a shed-style or a dome awning, it easily catches the eye because of its unusual design; Essentially, you can easily use different colored awnings in different locations.

When selecting the right awning for your business, you have to identify the size, material, and purpose for it. Once that is done, its time to decide on the perfect color. The color you pick will play an important role in how you engage with your customers for the years to come. So, how can one choose the right color for your awning?

Below are some tips you can use to choose the perfect awning color.

Why are you buying an awning?

The first thing you have to be aware of is the reason as to why you are purchasing the awning. If it’s for improving your business outlook, you need to concentrate on how it is going to help you to advertise, brand and add extra energy to your business environment.

What message do you want to communicate?

You might not have put it as a primary factor, but different colors portray different feelings, or they invoke different kinds of energies. For instance, red is traditionally associated with anticipation and excitement, which is why very many restaurants and hotels use red for advertising.

Blue, on the other hand, is used to inspire trust and communicate calmness to the people who are looking at it. Yellow is known as a color that is associated with food, and that is why advertising it invokes confidence and fun in the food being served. Yellow and red were a universal colors for awnings everywhere, that is why these colors work well. Green is also another color that invokes calmness, and it is a representative of nature and a business that is aware of taking care of the environment.

How do you match the color of your awning with your business surrounding?

You also need to be aware of the color that surrounds your environment, to know the type of color for your awning. You also need to have figured out how your awning will compliment everything that is in your environment. Don’t pick any awning that matches the shade of your building; it will hide the awning.

What theme do you want to have for your business?

Your business environment must be having a landscape. When you choose the awning color, identify the color that matches your theme. You can also contrast the colors that are inside your establishment. The color of your awning needs to complement the color of your theme of your facility.

Consider the weather conditions in your area.

If you stay in a region that experiences hot climatic conditions, it’s better to use colors that suit the conditions. Since the awning is going to be used by your guests to take shade, you should identify the color that can be easily identified by your clients when there are extreme weather conditions. Even though people choose the design and material based on the weather conditions common in the area, the color should also be an important factor.

Consider the visibility of your awning.

The awning is the first thing that most people see when they are looking at your business premises. You should be inclined to choose a color that stands out. People usually identify the entrance of a place by the color, and that is why you should use it to your advantage. Choose a color that differentiates your business from the others that are surrounding you.


Awnings have huge benefits to businesses because it protects your clients from the harshness of the sun and other extreme weather conditions. However, when you choose an awning with the perfect color, a color that blends well with your brand and contrasts well with the interior design of your business, you will reap all of the benefits from the awning’s installation.

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