Great Hacks to Keep Your Jewelry Organized

Several things make the world go round. To the vast majority, it could be money, love, business, relationships or more. But, to some, it’s all about the looks and the fame and appreciation that come with it. So, you need to learn the simple hacks that keep your jewelry organized for longer. It’s part of managing life. First, I think we can agree on the fact that jewelry enhances outfit to fit you uniquely. Anybody who’s passionate about fashion and is attached to ornaments will want to keep their jewelry for many years to come without losing the glamour.


Here is a list of some of the best jewelry hacks discovered over the years. Let’s get started – you will learn how to disentangle your trinkets and come up with innovative homemade solutions for hanging and storing your jewelry by using old stuff that could just be lying around your house.


Lubricating Oil


For disentangled ornaments, you can use lubrication oil. Find a bright workspace, unclasp the entangled ornaments, spread them out and pour the oil on the knots which will then slide past each other with the help of a hook. A bright workspace will ensure the process is quick and easy.


Wild Animal Hanger


To avoid ornament disentanglement, you can find simple ways of hanging jewelry in an organized manner. For instance, hanging your jewelry on wild animal hooks. Wild animal hangers look amazing against a wall, and even more when you are fascinated by wild animals. Use wooden animal toys, glue, and other stuff to come up with animal jewelry hangers.


Clothing Hanger


Did you know that you could use a clothing hanger for more than hanging clothes? Now you do. You can make use of clothing hooks to get your jewelry organized. Just get an old coat hanger and loop screws and quickly set up jewelry hooks by fixing the screws on the hanger.




Yes, you can make use of bottles to store your bracelets. It turns out that most bottles are the size of bracelets. So why not? Don’t just let your bracelets lie around disorganized. Store them in an organized way with the help of a bottle.


Tree Branches


You can creatively use small tree branches to have your ornaments organized. You only need some branches and an old vase. To add color, you can paint the branches with a color of your choice. Super pretty and super comfortable. Once the twigs are ready, put them in the vase, hang your ornaments, and get them organized.


Wire Frames


For a wire frame, get a small wire mesh with not so big holes or openings and an old picture frame. You can paint or decorate it. Then use a staple gun to secure the wire to the frame, and there you have it – a jewelry hanger.


Hardcover Books


So, you have an old hardcover book that you no longer need or use? Well, before you throw it into the trash bin, you can use it to create a jewelry hanger. Remove the hardcovers and get some gold nails. Drill the gold pins into the book covers and use it for hanging your earrings and necklaces


If you want to use your jewelry for a long time, it is important to organize and preserve it. You can maintain them by shining them to remove dirt and grease. For instance, you can clean gold jewelry by soaking them in warm water stirred with liquid detergent for about 15 minutes, scrubbing gently with an old toothbrush, and finally drying them with a soft cloth. To keep them organized, why not start with the cheap, simple, and innovative techniques discussed above.

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