How Nutrient Powders in Foodstuffs Combat the Global Health Crisis

There is a global health crisis that is caused by the lack of food and nutrients. Fortunately, it is possible to find inexpensive nutrient powders that are easy for medical professionals and everyday people to mix with food. These nutrient powders offer a variety of health benefits for anyone who ingests the substances. Here are some of the benefits from nutrient powders for the individuals living in a location without enough food.

Nutrient Powder Benefit 1: Receiving Enough Calories

In regions of the world where there is a famine, it is difficult to have enough food to sustain proper energy levels. By having a nutrient powder that is easy to mix with the available foodstuffs in the area, it is possible to have enough calories to maintain proper health until other foods arrive. Older individuals and children who do not receive enough calories each day are more likely to develop other health issues that can lead to death.

Nutrient Powder Benefit 2: Having Enough Iron

A lack of iron-rich foods can lead to having anemia, and this health condition can weaken the body and change the brain’s cognitive functions. Iron-rich foods include some types of meat along with certain plant-based foods such as dark leafy greens or beans. It is difficult to transport meat or vegetables to some areas of the world due to the problems from spoilage, but nutrient powders are easy to deliver to places that are in a food crisis.

Nutrient Powder Benefit 3: Easy to Consume

By adding nutrient powders to basic foods such as bowls of oatmeal or soup, it is easy for someone who is injured or ill to receive additional vitamins and minerals. These nutrient powders can enrich basic foodstuffs such as baked bread or boiled rice so that an individual will recover faster to return to normal daily living.

Nutrient Powder Benefit 4: Development of Stronger Bones and Teeth

In developing countries where there are no calcium-rich foods from milk or vegetables, a nutrient powder that contains calcium can help children to have stronger bones and teeth. This can help to prevent serious health issues such as dental cavities or bone-growth abnormalities such as rickets.

Nutrient Powder Benefit 5: Healthy Pregnancies and Breast-feeding of Infants

Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding infants require more nutrients and calories. With nutrient-rich powders to add to the available foods, a woman can give birth to a healthier infant, and she will also have plenty of breast milk for her new child. This can reduce the death of infants who are not getting enough nutrients along with protecting the mothers from malnutrition.

Nutrient Powder Benefit 6: Improving Absorption of Minerals or Vitamins

When someone is malnourished, the individual’s body cannot absorb the vitamins and minerals from regular foods. To help the person get healthy again, it is vital to add nutrient powders to simple foods that the individual can often consume one spoonful at a time. As the malnourished individual’s health improves, it is possible for the gastrointestinal system to return to its normal functions.

Nutrient Powder Benefit 7: Adding Protein to the Diet

There are food powders that contain proteins that are sourced from plants or animals, and this nutrient can improve an individual’s energy levels and immune functions. Someone living in a region with an epidemic or food shortages can weaken and die quickly when protein is not available.

Nutrient Powder Benefit 8: Preventing Vision Problems

A lack of vitamin A is one of the leading causes of vision problems in some countries around the world. This condition often begins with the inability to see at night, but it can progress to causing blindness during the day. By simply adding nutrient-rich vitamin A powders to the available foodstuffs, it is possible to prevent this condition.

Nutrient Powder Benefit 9: Adding Vitamin C to the Daily Diet

Poor countries may not have access to fruits or vegetables that contain vitamin C. Our bodies require this nutrient each day because we cannot store it in our organs. With nutrient powders, the individuals in a region that is experiencing a health crisis will have access to vitamin C that can help them overcome an illness.

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