How To Organize Your Laundry Room In 7 Steps

If your home is like most, then the laundry room is an area that is visited multiple times during the week. There might be certain days when you wash the sheets and blankets from the beds or certain days when you wash the white clothes separate from the dark clothes. When your laundry room is organized, then it’s often easier to find and reach the supplies that are needed. It’s also easier to sort clothing and other items that are washed while keeping items that have been dried in their own spaces as well. 

1. Shelving 

Whether they are short shelves for washcloths or longer shelves for sheets and blankets, these are needed in your laundry room. They can help in keeping everything divided before it’s washed and after it comes out of the dryer. You can install a shelf near each machine in your laundry room so that you can keep the supplies used with each one separate, such as fabric softener and laundry detergent on one shelf and dryer sheets on another. 

2. Bars 

Sometimes, there are articles of clothing that you might not want to put in the dryer. Install a drying bar to hang these clothes on so that they can finish drying after getting most of the moisture out from being in the dryer for a few minutes. This is also beneficial for clothes that you have hung outside that might not be dry all the way at the end of the day. You can hand the clothes on the bar so that they don’t get moisture from the outdoors on them and so that insects don’t land on them while they are outdoors. This bar is beneficial for hanging items after they are ironed as well. 

3. Create A Wall 

A wall unit with adjustable shelves is beneficial in small laundry rooms. You can adjust the shelves for all of the supplies that you use and for when you have large loads of laundry. You can put plastic or wooden containers on the shelves for more organization and storage options. You can put a rod in front of the rack or a large basket under the bottom shelf of the rack to make sorting clothes that are dirty easier. Label the baskets and containers that are used so that you can see what is inside each one with a quick glance instead of searching through each one. 

4. Towel Folders

A flat board can be kept in your laundry room to make it faster and easier to fold towels, blankets, and flat sheets. You can also use the board to fold shirts and jackets that need to go in drawers. A smaller board can be used to fold washcloths and hand towels. 

5. Stacking 

If your laundry room is small, then consider getting appliances that can be stacked on top of each other. A shelf can be put between the washer and dryer that pulls down when needed. Utilize the wall space beside the appliances by installing more shelves for storage baskets. You can also install sliding drawers and shelves so that there’s even more organization space when you need more room for folding and sorting. 

6. Carts

When clothes are dirty and need to be washed or are dry and need to be taken to their designated areas of the home, a rolling cart can provide transportation. Try to find a cart that has storage on the bottom so that you can take multiple items at one time. Baskets on the cart can be left in each bedroom for another set of dirty clothes through the week. 

Before you begin organizing your laundry room, look at the current space that you have so that you utilize the additions that you make in the best way. Think about what you do most in the laundry room, such as ironing or folding. The way that you organize the room should benefit the tasks that you complete.

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