The Importance of Using a Company Logo on Promo Products

Promotional products, otherwise known as advertising specialties, are items that can be branded with a company name and handed out to current and potential customers as a sign of good will. These useful items actually serve a dual purpose, a resource the customer can make use of while it keeps the name of the company in plain sight.

These points highlight the importance of using a company logo on promotional products;

Helping to Improve Customer Loyalty

When you use your logo on promo products like a refrigerator magnet or bag clip, your customer is going to see that message day after day, without even realizing it. They may become so used to seeing your message they don’t even give it a second thought, that it, until they need something in that niche. If they are in the mood for pizza and your pizza company logo is on their refrigerator or on a jar opener, they are more likely to use your services the next time.

Once you have a loyal customer, you now have a customer for life who will even spread the word about your services when asked.

The Magic of Brand Recognition

Imagine putting your brand on a free calendar giveaway, and then the customer hangs it in their kitchen or home office. Now your auto part store logo is in front of them month after month, day after day, until the day their car breaks down. Having allowed your company logo to seep into their subconscious for a year, who do you think they call when they need auto repairs? They don’t think about price or location, they remember your brand and associate it with quality having seen it so often.

Choose a promo product the customer will use often and your business will be more recognized in less time.

The Power in Repetitive Marketing

When you place your company logo on something like a desk calendar, pen, refrigerator magnet, key-chain, or post-it notes, your customer is going to see your message every single day. Instead of paying for costly radio or television advertising that usually misses the target audience, your message is already in their home and reminding them of your company every day. Every time they write with the pen or glance at the desk calendar, they are reminded who gave them this useful gift. In advertising, it takes seeing the same message a dozen times before the buyer becomes emotionally invested.

Now you have the chance to been seen hundreds of times a year, which equates to spending pennies per day to reach a targeted customer.

Low Cost Targeted Marketing

Unlike advertising on the radio or television, the price for promotional products printed with your company logo is pennies on the dollar compared to other advertising. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for a fifteen second television ad that may miss your audience, for a little more than a dollar, you place a full-size calendar in the home of your potential client that they use three-hundred and sixty-five times this year. With the price of the advertising specialties so low, you could hand out hundreds and only need a few sales to profit.

The more promo products you purchase, the lower the price per piece drops too.

Spreading the Word for Free

One other reason so many businesses are using advertising specialties to grow their following is because if done correctly, you could have your potential customer spread the word for free. Everyone loves a free t-shirt, and those who want them will wear them until the material literally falls apart. Come up with a catchy slogan to add to a tee-shirt, and your potential customer wears it all the time and literally becomes a walking billboard for your business.

If their inner circle sees the message, they quickly associate it with their friend, and it is almost like getting a referral without anyone uttering a single word.

While the customer is enjoying their free promotional product, little do they realize what impact that message is having on them. This is by far the least expensive of all advertising messages that has the potential to have the biggest impact.

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