Six Secrets That Will Give Your Resume the Edge

You have made major accomplishments in your career and are looking to grow with a company that is worthy of your professional excellence, yet the phone just isn’t ringing. Well, maybe it isn’t bad luck. It may just be a bad resume. Your resume is your non-physical first impression, and if it doesn’t appeal to employers, you probably won’t get a second chance to make it right. With so many resumes in rotation, you have to separate yours from the masses. Here are six secrets that will give your resume the edge needed to get employers knocking at your door.

1. Your Resume Is Your Professional Brand

Your resume should be built to support your professional image. It gives you a chance to title yourself as it suits you. Use descriptive titles like, “Experienced Marketing Manager” or “Top Sales Executive” to emphasis your role as a business professional.

2. General Resumes Will Work Against You

Design a resume that is specific to your title or field and leave off unrelated information. Hiring managers only want to know that you can handle the position at hand. If you are going for a role as an accountant, only list past positions that will support your new career goals.

3. Hiring Managers Want To Know About Your Professional Skills

Employers won’t wait for an interview date to question your experience. Always include your professional skills to share what you have mastered thus far. Learn how to effectively list your professional skills.

4. Using Keywords Will Land Your Resume At The Top Of The List

Resume scanning is frequently done automatically nowadays. In order for your resume to make the cut, always include keywords that pertain to your particular field of choice. These are, but are not limited, to specific skills, achievements, and professional names that stand out to interviewers. Find out which keywords will strengthen your resume.

5. Employers Are Looking To Hire Achievers

Never submit a resume without boasting about your achievements. This is where it pays to mention your Employee of the Quarter award. Note anything that you have been recognized for within your career or studies. Also, numbers stand out more than words. Specifying that you graduated in the top 15 percent of your class will gain more attention than just saying that you finished at the top of your class. Metrics should be used when discussing revenue goals and cost reductions as well.

6. Short and Sweet Will Get You The Treat

A drawn-out, essay-formatted resume will probably never see the light of day. No one will take the time to read bulky paragraphs, so save your long explanations for the interview. Being able to pack a lot of personal insight in just a short, breathable summary will leave a great first impression.

You may be the best candidate for the job, but if your resume blows, don’t expect a callback. Design a resume that builds on your professional image and makes employers want to hire you on the spot.

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