The Ultimate, Simplified Guide to Rating Cigars

There are many forms of cigars in the world with the different categories of sticks making it difficult for most of us who enjoy a smoke to choose between different forms. Some magazines, such as Cigar Aficionado give cigars a rating in the form of points with the maximum being 100, but if you do not have the time or patience for this there are other options. For example, some cigar smokers look to record what they were eating or drinking at the time of smoking to rate their cigars. If you feel like following the rating system of a magazine or expert, you can. However, many of us who enjoy a cigar keep a notebook handy when we are looking to keep track of the cigars we smoke and when they tasted their best.

A blind test

There are many ways to rate a cigar rating system but lots of smokers look to follow the classic blind taste test option. What do we mean by a blind taste test? Firstly, one person will be entrusted with heading out and buying cigars, removing any labels and adding a small code to help them be tracked. It is usually best for the person buying the cigars not to be an active participant in the taste test as they can be biassed to a specific nation, flavor, or size of a cigar. When we begin to smoke the cigar we then provide a score out of 25 for the four separate areas of testing to make sure the cigar is of the best quality possible.

Examine the outside

Rating a cigar is just like assessing a glass of wine, except a little more fun as we do not have to spit out what we inhale. The first step in any rating system is to look at the way the cigar looks and feels in your hand. Starting with the wrapper, the first step is to assess how the exterior of the cigar looks with a smooth wrapper with a similar color across the entire cigar. Depending on the quality of the cigar you are smoking, you should feel a little oil on your fingers when you roll it between your fingers, according to Cigar Advisor.

Flavor is key

Each cigar has a flavor all of its own and this should be assessed within the ratings you give a core or record for your own information. The flavor should be judged entirely on personal taste with the cigar being rated with every aspect of the smoke. Many premium cigars provide you with a different set of flavors at all times, including an initial flavor when first smoked with others appearing as we move through the smoke.

How does it smoke

The characteristics of each cigar are different as they are smoked but you can rate your cigar should burn smoothly and evenly over the course of your cigar. Creating a smooth, even smoke is key to getting the most out of your cigar smoking experience.

Judging the overall impression

This is the most important aspect of the smoke you are enjoying and working out whether you will be returning to the cigar for the long term. In many cases, the overall impression of a cigar can include some good and bad points with very few finding an audience that can be enjoyed for the long term but we are often left with a good feeling about a cigar. Once you find a cigar you enjoy smoking, then chances are you will look for it and for other cigars in the same range or from the same region of the world.

There are many reasons why you may enjoy a different cigar, but the majority of us simply want to record the cigars we enjoy on a regular basis. Others enjoy testing their palette against others to make sure you feel good about your choices and judge your work as a cigar aficionado.

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