The Value a Home Security System Adds to Your House

Key, Home, House, Estate, Business, Mortgage, RealA home security system consists of a variety of systems and triggers that let homeowners know immediately if there is an intruder in the home. Home security systems have changed dramatically over the years. The systems from two decades ago typically had one or two keypads near entryways along with one or two motion sensors and door and window sensors. However, many systems today are considered to be smart systems that can detect many more changes throughout the home and even alert homeowners to possible concerns via mobile devices.

Of course, no one would choose the expense of a home security system if it did not add true value to the home. The value garnered from this system is in direct proportion to several variables, such as the safety of the surrounding neighborhood, the size of the home and the personal preferences of the individuals living in the home. In general, there are four main values that any homeowner will find after installing this safety system.

First, the monetary value of the home can go up after installation.

This is particularly important if it is time to sell the home. Homeowners may be able to get higher prices for their homes if the home has home security features. Plus, this can be a real draw for buyers who are unfamiliar with an area and who want the added security to feel safe in the new home.

Second, the cost of home insurance may go down after installation.

Many premier home insurance companies offer significant savings to homeowners who have a home security system installed and running. This can also make it easier to sell the home in the future as buyers may be swayed by the promise of cheaper insurance premiums.

Third, valuable belongings will be kept safe, thus allowing homeowners to purchase beautiful furniture as well as expensive electronics, jewelry and other possessions without fear that they will be stolen.

Even if insurance covers the cost of some stolen possessions, it can never replace memories, and homeowners may still be in charge of paying the deductible or in covering an increase in rates following a claim. In addition, smart home security systems can keep homes safe from dangers other than break-ins. For example, they can alert homeowners and authorities to smoke and fire when the system is hooked up to smoke detectors throughout the home. Smart systems may also be able to notice floods, gas leaks, low temperatures and more.

Fourth, anyone living in the home will experience improved peace of mind with a home security system, which is possibly the most valuable commodity.

Adults and children alike will not have to feel worried when they are at home alone or when they are away on vacation. Secure homes have less risk of break-ins when the home security emblem is displayed outside the house. Additionally, many security systems now offer remote access and notifications, immediately alerting homeowners who are away when a door, window or motion sensor is triggered.

Not only will the homeowner feel safer, particularly if he or she lives in a more dangerous neighborhood or has expensive possessions, but also homeowners can appreciate the physical safety that they can garner for themselves and their loved ones. This is particularly the case for parents who may use a home security system to keep their children safe. When the system is set, an alarm will be triggered if a child opens a window or a door. This can keep children from wandering and can prevent falls from upper windows and injuries should a child wander outside to a pool or the street.

Of course, there are several things that homeowners must do to ensure that their home security systems truly raise the value of their home. First, they must purchase sufficient security systems for their needs. Inadequate systems have been tied to break-ins in which burglars can successfully bypass the system. In addition, the system must be installed properly by a professional, adequately monitored and constantly turned on when homeowners are away or when they are all in for the night. However, a well-run, premier, up-to-date home security system truly can improve the value of nearly any home.

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