3 Ideas On How-to Purchase Your First Set of Dentures

For many, dentures are a part of daily life. Whether you are missing some or all of your natural teeth, these accessories provide the ideal solution to help you eat, smile and talk with confidence. If you are new to dentures, having an idea of what to consider and what to expect through the process can help put your mind at ease. Below are three important ideas on how to purchase your first set of dentures.

1. Know the Different Types of Dentures

If you are shopping for dentures, it is imperative that you get to know and understand the different types available to find a set that is right for you.

Conventional Full Dentures

With complete dentures, regardless of how many teeth are missing all the remaining teeth have to be extracted. The gum tissue is then given about eight to twelve weeks to heal. A full denture is then ready for placement.

Partial Dentures

A bridge or removable partial denture has replacement teeth attached to the gum-like plastic base. The denture may consist of clasps and a metal framework to hold it in place. However, you can choose different connectors depending on your needs. For instance, you can decide to choose a partial denture with precision attachments which are more natural looking than clasps. Removable partial dentures are famous since they not only fill in spaces created by missing teeth but also help keep natural teeth in their original position.

Immediate Dentures

These types of dentures are complete dentures, but placement is made as soon as the teeth are extracted. With immediate dentures, you get to have teeth even during the healing period. If you are unwilling to stay toothless, immediate dentures are your best bet. Unfortunately, since gums shrink during the healing period, they require regular compensatory adjustments to fit properly. Besides you have to be a viable candidate for this type of denture.

Custom Dentures

Regular dentures are conspicuously artificial in appearance. Custom dentures are tailored just for you. They have a lifelike appearance that boosts your confidence and ensure you always have an incredible smile.

Snap-on Dentures

This type of dentures are often an excellent choice since they have a natural look, are stronger and more comfortable than other dentures. They are usually palateless hence make it easier for the user to eat and speak. The snap-on dentures are snapped into implants for them to work properly. Therefore, a viable candidate must have enough and healthy jawbone to support the implants.


Overdentures are held in place by implants. They sit on top of the gum tissue. Unlike other dentures, overdentures have the ability to produce enough bite force required for efficient chewing.

Economy Dentures

Economy dentures are a great option when you are looking for cost effective dentures. However, they sacrifice a lot on comfort and lack the natural appearance. They also fit loosely hence require denture adhesive.

2. Know the Cost of Dentures

Dentures are considerably affordable compared to dental implants. Different types of dentures have different price ranges. When looking for your first set of dentures, shop around to compare prices. Other than the type, there are also other factors such as your dental plan that contribute to the price difference. It is imperative that you carry out an intelligent search to get the best choice. On average, dentures cost around $2,500-$10,000 a set. Tooth extraction can cost $50-$900 per tooth. Dentures need not break the bank; get to know the cost of dentures in your area.

3. Consider your Lifestyle

Your age, oral health, jaw bone anatomy, gum tissue and overall lifestyle should help you determine which dentures perfectly suit you. The best way to approach dentures is to consider such factors. For instance, if your personality, profession or social standards make it impossible to have missing teeth, then the best choice would be immediate dentures. Also, understand the fact that you will need to make some lifestyle changes. Consider buying a type that has the least effect on your lifestyle. Teeth removal and fitting dentures is not a walk in the park. You will experience some physical trauma. So, how much pain can you handle? This can help you purchase dentures that suit you best.

In addition to improved dental function, an attractive smile and better speech, dentures have been found to dramatically improve an individual’s emotional wellbeing and social confidence.

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