3 Safety Products Every College Student Should Own

College is the first time that many people live on their own and need to take care of themselves at all times. That is exciting, but it also has a certain amount of risk. Accidents do happen, especially for people that are experimenting with new things and learning new skills. That means that it pays to invest in some basic safety gear when moving to college. Most people will never need to put it to use, but the ones that do will be very glad that they took the time to get it.

First Aid Supplies

Every new student needs to realize that accidents will happen, and they need to be prepared to deal with them. Most colleges have easy access to some sort of medical support, but it is more convenient for the students to be able to handle basic problems on their own. A first aid kit will provide all of the tools that they need to cope with basic burns, cuts, and other injuries that they can get in their new home. Serious problems will still need help from a professional, but the kit can help to keep them in decent shape while they get the help that they need.

The kit will only be useful for students who take the time to learn how to use every item within it. That is not as difficult as it first appears, but it does take some extra efforts. In most cases, the best option is to take a basic class on first aid, which should cover all of the basic items and the situations in which they are most likely to be used. It can also be wise to include a set of basic instructions in the kit, to make sure that the owner does not forget about anything and can look things up if they are having trouble due to nervousness or panic.

Fire Extinguishers

College is a time of culinary experimentation, when people learn to use new cooking techniques in their dorms. Those experiments can result in a tasty treat, but a mistake can easily lead to a fire, especially if something happens that distracts the cook and makes them abandon their stove for a few minutes. Students shouldn’t try to deal with big fires on their own, but it can be a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher around to deal with the little ones that can arise from accidents.

This is another tool that requires a little bit of extra education. In addition to learning how to use the extinguisher, it is best for students to learn how to smother a fire with other items, and which fires can be extinguished with water safely. Basic training in how to get away from a fire safely if it gets out of hand can also be valuable. This is an area where knowledge is power, and a little bit of learning will go a long way towards keeping everyone as safe as possible in the dorms.

Safe Storage

Theft is another common problem at colleges. A lot of people live in a relatively small space, so there are a lot of opportunities for unscrupulous people to acquire things that do not belong to them. Nobody wants to get robbed, and a theft can easily lead to the loss of valuable documents or other items that are hard to replace, so smart students make an effort to prevent robberies. Basic safety practices, such as locking the door, can make a big difference, but it is also possible to add an extra layer of protection by brining a small safe into a dorm room.

The safe should be fairly small so that it doesn’t take up too much of the dorm room, and to make it easier to conceal. Fitting one in the drawer of a desk is often a good choice. Ideally, it should have a cable that can secure it without requiring any holes in furniture or special mounting hardware, since relatively few dorms will allow those modifications. A good safe can be a fairly large investment, but the added security can be more than enough to pay for itself over the course of a few years at college.

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