3 Useful Tips for Finding an Apartment With an Online Search

With the advent of the internet and social media, finding an apartment to rent has become easier than ever. Whether you have big plans to move to a large metropolitan city or if you want to save money by moving to a rural area, online services are easy to access and provide instant results. Before choosing an apartment that is right for you online, there are a few useful tips to keep in mind to ensure your search goes as smoothly as possible.

Consider Your Needs and Budget 

Before moving forward with scheduling an appointment for a walk-through tour of an apartment you have found, be sure to consider your needs and the budget you have available each month for rent. Consider the amount of space you require and whether you are satisfied with a studio, one-bedroom, or if you require more than one bedroom in your space. 

How important is a fully-equipped kitchen for you? Do you require a bath or are you willing to add more space to other areas of your apartment with a smaller bathroom that only includes a shower? Do you have pets that you intend to keep once moving into your new apartment? Do you prefer a flat or first-person apartment, or are you interested in living above ground on a higher level? Are you looking for an apartment that is available within a complex, or do you enjoy working with individual managers in smaller apartment buildings? 

Calculate your monthly income and the budget you have available to spend on your apartment’s rent. Consider the deposit cost of moving into a new apartment and whether or not you will require the assistance of professional movers (especially if you choose an apartment on the second floor or higher). Before you begin searching for the right apartment, use filters provided with online search services to eliminate apartment options that are out of your price range or do not currently include the amenities you are seeking. Note that not all apartments are pet-friendly, so it is important to inquire about your pets if you are a pet owner before scheduling an appointment or signing a rental lease. 

Review Available Photos and Video Media 

Most online listings for apartment rentals allow users to browse through galleries of photos and video walk-throughs of available units. Keep in mind that most rental photography is designed to make spaces look larger than they actually are in reality. While many photos of rental apartments may be exaggerated or doctored, it is still important to get an overall feel of the aesthetic and type of living space the apartment has to offer. Take note of the kitchen cupboards, counter tops, and the appliances that are included. What type of floors are currently in place? Will you require a floor replacement before agreeing to move in? How large is the bathroom? Does the apartment receive an adequate amount of natural light? 

Check the measurements provided within the results of the listings to find the most spacious option that is affordable for you. 

Do not simply trust the photos and videos provided in the online search results you receive. Instead, contact the landlord or property manager directly via the website or by calling them to schedule a personal walk-through tour. When visiting multiple apartments before making a decision, take your own photos and record the space while labeling each file to keep track of the locations you have already seen.

Read Tenant Reviews and Testimonials 

Always take time to read reviews and testimonials left by previous and current tenants of apartment units and buildings you are interested in. If there are no testimonials available with the online search site you are using, utilize a third-party review website such as Google Reviews to gain valuable insight about each location you are eyeing. 

Knowing how to prepare for and conduct a proper apartment search online is a way to save money and headaches, especially if you have a variety of rental options to choose from within your results. Taking the time to adequately prepare before you begin your search for a new apartment is essential to find rental solutions that are ideal for your needs and provide you with the best value for your budget.

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