4 Fun Luaus For The Family In Maui

Whether it is a first trip to Maui or the tenth, attending a luau is a required, delightful experience for the whole family. A luau is a mix of food, fun, and people. It is a tradition of the Hawaiian people for celebrating happy events like birthdays and weddings. Not only a tradition, it is a blessing for everyone that the Hawaiians share this joy, and yhou do not need to be celebrating a special day to appreciate a Maui luau. Maui is the home of luaus that have been carried on for generations and others that reflect a more modern theme. The main island of Maui is composed of two, connected volcanic islands that make up one island. There are two parts of the island in which most luaus are concentrated: Lahaina on the southwestern side of the smaller land mass and Wailea on the southwestern side of the larger land mass. For convenience, you can choose one that is close to your resort or hotel. 

Old Lahaina Luau 

This Lahaina luau is very traditional and has won numerous awards for its celebration of the Hawaiian heritage. Due to its popularity, reservations may require a several-month lead time. Following tradition, expect to be greeted with an “aloha” and a fresh flower lei. Observe a respectful presentation of the imu where the pig has been cooked in an earthen pit over the course of the day. At the end of the dining, the history of the Hawaiian Islands is presented with hula. The dancing starts with the oldest styles of dance and clothing and progresses to more modern renditions. 

Grand Luau at Honua’ula at Grand Wailea Resort 

In the Wailea area of the island, check out the luau at the Grand Wailea Resort. Here you will also be greeted with a lei, imu ceremony, and an evening torch lighting ritual. A dinner buffet includes appetizers along with classic Hawaiian entrees and desserts. The after dinner show recreates the stories of the gods and goddesses of the Polynesians who were the first settlers of Hawaii. 

Drums of the Pacific Luau 

At the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa close to Lahaina is the exciting Drums of the Pacific Luau. After the traditional greeting, torch lighting, and food buffet, some consider this the most exciting hula/dance ceremony on the island. Featuring not only Hawaiian dance, but also entertainment from Tahiti, New Zealand, and Tonga, the entertainment is highlighted with a Samoan fire dance. With the drums and the fire excitement, this luau is sure to keep all members of the family entertained. 

Te Au Moana Luau 

Featured at the Wailea Beach Resort – Marriott, the Te Au Moano (The Ocean Tide) Luau is another excellent show in the Wailea – McKena area. With a salute to the constant tides that have not only connected generations but also land areas, the stories expressed in this hula remember the early inhabitants and their respect for the Earth. They also tell of the fishing and ocean traveling skills that were once needed for survival. Located right on the beach at sunset, many guests plan to return to this luau after their first visit. In addition to the show, traditional Hawaiian roasted pig and other foods are featured at the dinner. 

For any visit to Maui and every luau from the many to choose from on the island, the people of Maui are dedicated to making sure that each family member has a memorable time. A luau is a great way to enjoy a delicious, traditional Hawaiian meal, view awesome entertainment, learn about the Hawaiian culture, and truly experience the spirit of aloha.

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