4 Great Reasons to Have Your Children Engaged in Politics

In an era where many American citizens stray away from the political arena, many parents are wondering whether or not to exhort their children to engage in politics. Although politics may have a seedy reputation, there are actually several legitimate and beneficial reasons that school-aged children should learn about and become involved in local and federal politics. This article will introduce you to the benefits of helping children to actively engage in the political arena.

1- To Provide a Sense of Involvement and Community

Ideally, political involvement from a young age will help to foster a strong sense of involvement in cultural and community processes. By helping children to develop an interest in political education, parents inadvertently supply a rich sense of belonging and national pride to children who desire this engagement. The American political process is designed to allow citizens to dictate to the government. By becoming involved in this process, children will learn to love their country and engage with the development of its laws.

2- To Fulfill Civic Duties

The mark of any good political system is the importance with which its citizens respond to civil duty. The American political system was designed during a period in history where citizens considered it their duty to become educated and involved in the selection of government officials and the restriction of the powers of these officials. Only recently (within the last 100 years or so) have the majority of citizens considered their involvement with the political process unnecessary or unwarranted. More and more, people are coming to realize that disengagement with politics eventually leads to undesired consequences. It is vital that children be reminded of their duty to the operation of the place they call home.

3- To Instill Morals and Build Character

Teaching children to become engaged in the political process also has the added benefit of instilling morality and building character. Their involvement in politics can teach them to learn, understand, and respectfully dispute modes of thinking that they will only come to know through political engagement. Political engagement can also teach children how to work well with their fellow citizens and develop practical problem solving skills that will benefit them for years to come. A serious problem that today’s millennial generation usually faces is their lack of ability to reason and understand the positions of people who do not think exactly as they do. By imploring children to engage in political advocacy from an early age, parents can help children to become well rounded, beneficial, and productive citizens who are an asset to their society.

4- To Affect Change About Issues That Matter

Perhaps the most vital reason to help children to engage in the political process is to foster the desire and ability to affect change within the local and national community. The American political system was founded and continues to flourish because men desired to develop a nation that protected against government tyranny and allowed its citizens to prosper and live peacefully. By educating children in this regard, parents can ensure that the next generation properly understands their duty to continue to protect this political process by becoming an informed and active member of it. Children should always be notified that the issues of the day that are important to them should, after careful examination and critical thought, should be protected through the modern day political process. This is the only way that true change can occur in generations to come.

It is obvious that there are a multitude of positive benefits associated with helping children to engage in politics from a young age. In addition to the benefits listed above, children who are brought up in a household that stresses the importance of political engagement are scientifically more likely to feel a sense of control and security in their lives during adulthood. Although the mainstream media may portray politics as a game with many ruthless characters and treacherous motivations, the system was not actually designed to be so. The American system of politics was designed to foster the engagement of its citizens and to leverage the strength of its citizens. Children who are exposed to and educated about the true nature of the system of politics will find engagement in it rewarding.

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