4 Simple Ways to Move as Stress-Free as Possible

Moving. We all do it at some point, and many people move frequently in today’s mobile society. A high percentage of people associate moving with stress, but did you know it is entirely possible to move in a relaxed, stress-free way? It’s true. Here are four simple ways to do just that and to transform moving into a positive experience.

1. Plan ahead.

Whether it’s a project at work or a move from one house to the other, planning is key. When you plan ahead, you keep your entire move more organized and calm. You give yourself a map to go by as you chart your course from one home to the next.

As far before your move as possible, create “to do” lists. These could be digital or paper lists depending on what works best for you. For example, include on a list “pick up moving boxes and supplies,” “research moving companies,” “search for new apartment” and “call utility companies to connect utilities.” Then, also well ahead of the time of your move, complete the items on your “to do” list. Check them off your list as you go. Revise your “to do” lists as necessary. When you work on the tasks gradually over a period of time, the move becomes much less stressful.

2. Create a budget, and stick to it.

One aspect of moving that makes the whole experience so tense is money. Moving can be expensive, especially when you are transporting a large number of belongings over a long distance. But even local moves with minimal items being moved can really rack up the expenses. Include in your moving budget every single item related to your move, such as travel expenses, cost for a moving truck rental, moving boxes, security deposits for new housing and utility connection fees.

Set aside the amount of money you will need to move plus some extra, because typically unexpected expenses come up here and there when it comes to moving. Don’t touch that moving fund or use the money for anything else. If you have some money left over in your moving fund after you move, treat yourself by buying some decorative or household items you need for your new home. Or simply save the money in your bank account.

3. Ask for help.

As the saying goes, no man is an island. No woman is either. And as big a task as moving is, you are likely going to need some help. Don’t hesitate to ask people you know to pitch in and assist. That could be family members, friends, neighbors or work colleagues. Many people are glad to help others, but they just need to be asked if they would be willing and available.

Clearly spell out what you’d like them to do and when. Delegate as much as you can to ease your own moving workload. Just don’t overstep boundaries by asking people to do too much. Also make sure to show your appreciation to the people who help you by sending “thank you” notes or inviting them over to your new digs for a housewarming pizza party or barbecue.

4. Pace yourself, and relax.

It’s easy to get exhausted and overwhelmed when you are moving. Don’t try to cram all the necessary tasks into a short period of time. That’s a recipe for burnout and discouragement. Rather, with your “to do” list in hand, work a little bit on your move each day as time allows. Those baby steps will add up to big gains over a period of time.

Also, remember to take time for yourself. Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing. Have a positive attitude, believing you will get everything for your move done at the appropriate time and in the necessary way. Get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated by drinking enough water, and fit some mild exercise and movement into each day. Remember to laugh and smile.

Yes, it’s true that moving can be stressful. But when you incorporate these tips into your moving plans, you might just find that moving is something fun and adventurous rather than tedious and stressful. So try out these simple strategies with your upcoming move, and happy moving!

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