4 Ways to Encourage Someone Studying for the Praxis

The Praxis is one of the major exams American teachers must pass for certification. If they don’t pass the test, this limits their career trajectory and what they’re able to do in the classroom. At the core, it’s a big deal and after enduring four years at the collegiate level, every teacher wants to pass with flying colors. If you know someone in your life that’s working diligently to pass the test, there are a few ways you can offer your support and encouragement to them. Even if you’re not in the teaching field, you can still support. Consider these ideas.

1. Offer to be a Study Buddy

Sometimes, all a person really needs is some extra company when they’re in the trenches of figuring out difficult problems and memorizing vocabulary words. A really nice gesture could involve reaching out to the student to ask for a list of their most challenging vocabulary words and concepts. Design study cards and decorate them in an eye-catching way. If the cards are visually appealing, this could make the content more memorable. Conduct a few study sessions and go over the study cards. The more you reinforce the concepts during the sessions, the more likely they’ll remember them when it’s time to take the test. Of course, this is one of the more time-consuming approaches for someone who isn’t studying for the Praxis. However, it’s still very encouraging and directly sends the message that you care.

2. Provide Sustenance During Test Preparation

When someone is stuck studying on a consistent basis, it can be challenging to maintain regular life. Components of regular life tend to suffer when a person’s life is swamped with long hours of fluorescent lighting and Praxis study materials. A great way to offer support and encouragement could involve sustenance. A person always needs to eat. Find out what their favorite foods and dietary restrictions. If you like to cook, go to the grocery store, purchase the ingredients and make a few of their favorite dishes. If you don’t like to cook, order a few takeout meals and get them delivered to their home. To take it a step further, if they have a family, make enough to cover the family for a meal or two. This kind gesture would be extremely helpful in allowing the student to have one less thing to worry about. Outsourcing is a great way for someone to focus on one task at a time.

3. Arrange Study Breaks

In order to really absorb all of the study material and fully comprehend it all, study breaks are essential. If someone you know is studying for the Praxis, you can offer to help them come up with a study plan. As you come together to come up with a comprehensive study schedule, make sure they have regular study breaks. Breaks might sound like they’re fruitless and a waste of time, but the opposite is true. When a person is able to sit down and work for 20-30 minutes, a five to ten-minute stretching break helps them to refocus and get a breather. When they return back to work, they’re able to focus for another 20-30 minutes. Methods like the Pomodoro Method have proven to be very effective for those who have tried it in the past.

4. Communicate

The last method involves mere communication. If someone knows that you’re thinking of them and wishing them the best, this means a whole lot. If you know that they’re in s study session all day, reach out to them through a text message and send a word of encouragement. You can also call at a time that’s more convenient for them. In this call, be a listening ear and encourage them to keep studying and working hard. Send flowers or an edible arrangement with an encouraging note. These simple acts of kindness will reinforce the fact that someone believes in what the student is able to do and is counting on them to the best they possibly can.

Colleen Wilcox once said,” teaching is the greatest act of optimism.” Truthfully, every teacher needs some optimism flowing to their corner as well. With continued support and encouragement using these four tips, anyone studying for the Praxis can do so knowing that they have a cheerleader in their corner.

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