4 Wooden Gift Ideas for Your 5th Anniversary

Celebrating a wedding is a joyous occasion. Couples love remembering their wedding day and reminding each other of their continuing and enduring love. As a token of their love, couples give each other presents. Deciding on a nice gift for a spouse can take some time. In general, different items are associated with different anniversary milestones. For example, fruits and flowers are commonly use to mark a third wedding anniversary. Many couples observe these customs when celebrating their wedding. Couples who are celebrating five years of wedded bliss often choose to give each other gifts made from wood or gifts that make use of wood in some way. These lovely gift ideas that use wood are fun, creative and thoughtful. 

Custom Framing

Remembering life together is all about making memories. As people celebrate things as a couple, they often have lots of wonderful photographs. Now is the time to print them out before the cell phone has too much memory. Once the photos are printed out, couples can find ways to preserve their happy memories. Creating a collage of photos on the walls can serve as a reminder of all they’ve been through as their marriage has continues. 

Wooden frames are an ideal way to frame their most important pictures. Wooden frames can take many forms. A couple may choose to take several photographs of varying sizes. Each one can be framed in wood with a special inscription. For example, one photograph frame might have quotes from the couple’s wedding vows. The next might have information about their wedding such as the date, time and location inscribed across the sides along with the names of their wedding attendants. 

Kitchen Supplies

Cooking can be a joint activity. Many couples love making wonderful meals together at least several times a week. Wood is a useful material in the kitchen that makes a terrific wedding anniversary present. For example, wood cutting boards are not only elegant and useful. They’re also completely safe. 

Other types of wooden items are very useful in the kitchen. Wooden spoons make it easy for people to taste their food. Wood looks very attractive in the kitchen and works well with many other types of materials such as stone and glass. Couples can find wood items that have a touch of color that calls to mind their wedding colors. A groom who loves to engage in woodworking as a hobby can make his wife a set of wooden kitchen items she’ll use every day and think of him as she cooks. 

Personalized Clock

Mark the passage of time with a personalized clock. Clocks can serve many different purposes. A clock makes it easy to tell time in a single instance. Clocks can also add details and create an overall theme in any room. Wood has been used to make clocks for many years. The same is true today. One member of a couple can design a clock to give to other that has a backing to the personal taste. One member of the couple may really like darker woods with metallic accents. The other spouse can have a clock that uses these materials. Many different variations are possible. The clock might be of a simple shape that calls to mind the clean lines of Mid Century modern style. A clock might also be more elaborate with many varied parts that intrigue someone who loves to play with different types of gadgets. 

Swinging on the Porch

Spending hours on the porch is a pleasure many couples delight in doing. Buying a wood porch swing makes it easier for couples to spend even more time enjoying the outdoors together. A wooden porch swing is easy to install and easy to keep up. It’s also easy to protect the swing from the weather. A simple coating of stain will protect it for years. Place comfortable cushions on top of the swing for added ease of use. Add in other details to the outdoor space to go with the swing and make it even more useful. Tables made from rattan or wicker are flexible, elegant and make all sorts of outdoor activities even more fun.

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