5 Clever Ways To Use Military Insignia Around Your House

Whether it’s a complete makeover of your house or a room that needs to be spiced up, military insignia can be innovatively used for home decor. Embellishing a house with these keepsakes is a great way of remembering all your adventures and showing the world all of your accomplishments. Whether it’s the army, the navy or the air force, insignia speaks volumes about a service member’s contribution. From using medals as military art to displaying these across a wall, military decor can make your house full of nostalgia. Here are five bright ideas to corral military insignia like identification badges, tabs worn over military uniform and service stripes.

  1. Those Medals And Skill Badges Hanging On An Honor Wall

During the span of their military career, no matter long or short, service members acquire medals for outstanding service and badges for different ranks they held. These items can be displayed on a wall, making it look like an Honor Wall. This image describes the concept of an honor wall. You can give it a rustic look or put witty titles like “Home is where the Army sends you” or paint the name of your United States Navy Ship. You can pin display just the insignia or display along with them certificates and pictures. This is suited well for a living room or a hallway or a staircase, essentially a place in your house where visitors can see your achievements and feel proud of you.

  1. Carve Out A Corner

If you don’t have an entire room available for stocking badges and medals, there’s another clever way to use them around the house. This method can be used to avoid putting them into a footlocker. Reserve a corner of your bedroom or study for all the gallantry medals and awards, the shoulder badges and the stripes sewn on lower coat sleeves. These can be neatly decorated in a shadow box and put in a corner along with other military memorabilia. You can stage a “cave” just like the one shown in this picture and it will always keep those memories fresh.

  1. Use Badges And Medals As Pieces Of Art

You can spice up your living room by creatively putting together military insignia as a form of art. These pieces are timeless and look decorative. This saves space and you don’t necessarily have to put all of them in one place. These can be spread out across the house. If you have a picture which shows the ceremony where you received the medal or a badge, then it would be perfect to have these pinned together with the actual insignia. You won’t ever lose any and they will keep making you feel nostalgic!

  1. Use Old Newspapers As A Backdrop

If you have fought wars which have been extensively covered by media (print media that is), then you might find this unique way interesting. Instead of covering the walls of your house with usual paintings and other decorative items, you could put medals, badges and stripes atop newspaper clips and cover them neatly in a shadow box. Take a look at this image and revamp the walls of your house with this idea! People will certainly remember the wars that you fought and the insignia you were lauded with. A smart idea is to spread these shadow boxes across the house and not clutter them on a single wall or room.

  1. Keeping Everything In One Wooden Frame

If you have military badges, medals for bravery, uniform, some pieces of artillery and trophies and you wish to keep them all in one place without throwing them into disorder, then you can get a wooden frame built for this purpose. This image shows a tidy way of putting everything properly. This wooden frame can be placed in the living room or a hallway. It has all insignia displayed neatly and can be easily picked up and seen too.

Using military decoration for garnishing home interiors makes people recall the great part of their life that was essential for survival. Using these to enhance the appearance of a house can bring back a lot of memories and also help future generations know the contribution of their forefathers.

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